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Da 5 Bloods

“3 Brothers” / Da 5 Bloods

Like the waves of video footage hailing from the protests and the horrific events that spurred them, Spike Lee’s Twitter short, “3 Brothers,” is hard to watch, starting with its cutting opening line, in red on a black screen—“Will history stop repeating itself?”—and continuing with the images that follow. Clips of the George Floyd murder are interspersed with other examples of police brutality, from the fictional—a scene from Lee’s 1989 feature film, Do the Right Thing, captures the moment when Radio Raheem, played by the late Bill Nunn, is choked to death by the police (Raheem’s story was, in turn, based on the real-life murder of graffiti artist Michael Stewart)—to the overwhelmingly real, with Eric Garner preceding Floyd’s fateful words by six years. Lee also has a new movie, Da 5 Bloods, out now on Netflix. Both projects ask that same searing question: Will history stop repeating itself? ( and —Julia Vitale


Acupressure Mat

Back pain was once low on my list of worries. But the stay-at-home order has shown me just how naïve I was through endless hours of sitting inside. Both the chiropractor and the day spa are out of the question, so I had to look for solutions elsewhere. My answer came in the form of the ProsourceFit Acupressure Mat and Pillow set. Don’t let its gimmicky appearance fool you—this mat is the real deal, the closest I’ve come to getting a massage since the pandemic began and at a fraction of the cost. Best of all, it’s made from plant-based material. ($20, —Gasper Tringale-White

Jason Isbell in concert at CMAC, New York, USA - 20 Jun 2019


If Bruce Springsteen is the reigning high priest of American songwriting, Jason Isbell is surely the next in line. While Isbell’s first six studio albums established him as a songwriter, Reunions, released this May, shows that he has more than just talent—he has staying power. The tracks are replete with his classic storytelling—lyrics so vivid, it is remarkable each song isn’t a time-stamped moment from his life. And yet the album also bears the mark of an artist who just can’t stop swimming forward. The steel-string acoustic pattering of his previous albums remains, but Isbell has upped the R.P.M.’s with a loud engine of rock ’n’ roll, masterful nods to Mark Knopfler’s guitar playing, and a country-rock production. Reunions is a mile marker along the highway’s side, indicating that Isbell’s journey is far from over. ( —Alex Oliveira


Chrysler Airflow

Thanks to the new world of W.F.H., has your commute gotten … shorter? Smaller? Maybe there’s no need for that big S.U.V. anymore. But still, something is surely needed to get you from the kitchen to the home office, and maybe over to the couch for the afternoon nap. How about a replica of the Chrysler Airflow, circa 1935? Built by Steelcraft, it’s a faithful copy of the Art Deco car in terms of design (there are even working headlights), but speed and handling are all up to you, as it’s pedal-powered. Bidding starts at $1,200—cheaper than your monthly gas bill! (Auction closes June 24, —Michael Hainey

Issue No. 48
June 13, 2020
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Issue No. 48
June 13, 2020