The Trump administration’s handling, or rather mishandling, of the Covid-19 pandemic could possibly go down as the most epic failure in the nation’s history. The inhabitant of the White House has been almost breathtaking in his finger-pointing, general ineptitude, and lack of basic human empathy. It could be fairly said that it will take years to erase the stain Trump has put on the once vaunted image of American know-how and expansiveness. I’ve edited publications through the recession of the 70s, the stock-market disaster of the late 80s, 9/11, and the recession of 2008. And I’ve never seen anything this devastating to the thin threads that hold the American fabric together.

Since Trump came into office, I’ve felt like I’ve been in the back seat of a car driven by a drunk who’s barreling down the road at 60 miles an hour. With the addition of the pandemic, I feel like I’m still in the car, we’re still going at top speed, and we’ve just hit an ice storm. Given the complete hash Trump and his circle have made of the pandemic so far, there will no doubt continue to be further tsunamis of mismanagement, failure, and attendant devastation. My guess is that the administration’s various stimulus programs will become the darkest pit of graft and self-dealing since the breakup of the Soviet Union. By comparison, Teapot Dome will look like a small, short-fingered hand in the cookie jar. Don’t take my word for it: read “The Covidfefe Chronicles,” tracking 100 days (or so) of the coronavirus in an annotated time line that matches key moments in the deadly spread of the pandemic to Trump’s more inane and insidious pronouncements.