On a quaint stretch of Chiltern Street, in the heart of the Marylebone neighborhood of London, Sandeep Garg has been presiding over Shreeji Newsagents since 1982. He entered the business by chance. “During my holidays, I came into the shop to help the neighbors, who owned it,” he recalls. “I ended up buying it from them a few months later.”

In the subsequent decades, Shreeji has become a local institution, specializing in a highly curated selection of magazines, newspapers, and sundries—which has made it one of those small but essential public places that knit a neighborhood together. Over the past six months, it has been undergoing a meticulous renovation and expansion resulting from a pleasant partnership with Gabriel Chipperfield, the young developer and project manager who is known for his work in the art world, and had become a fan of Garg’s.