“Those lovable Canadian hosers are back!”
Moosejaw Gazette

“This ‘Trip’ travels at 55 smiles per hour!”
Morning in Medicine Hat

Canadian critics say The Trip to Canada is more fun than The Trip to Italy, The Trip to Spain, and this month’s The Trip to Greece put together. Plus, you’ve got poutine, Nanaimo bars, beaver tails, and that perennial Canadian favorite, back bacon! It’s food fun and fun food! In no time, you’ll forget those Steve Coogan–Rob Brydon impersonations of Sean Connery, Roger Moore, and Michael Caine. Nobody does spot-on impressions of fabled Canadian stars like those north-of-the-border cutups—and founders of failed restaurant Hosers—Johnnie Maclennan and Bruce McDoran. They hit the road to Moosejaw and along the way do their impersonations of Gordon Pinsent, Lorne Greene, and Al Waxman. For bonus points (and a butter tart for the winner) they do their takes on Bernie Faloney, Terry Sawchuk, and Punch Imlach!

The Trip to Canada will be re-released on YouTube. VHS copies also available at Tim Hortons outlets and all Canadian Tire stores