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The Jacket


The sundress gets far too much attention. Of the pieces in your summer wardrobe, the humble warm-weather jacket is surely the hardest-working item. And it’s tough to imagine a better-looking version than the Rafaella style from Jacquemus. Made of an eco-friendly hemp-blend canvas, it uses inverted pleats to create a supremely flattering, nipped-waist silhouette. A soft shoulder and slightly longer length lends it a bit of edge, and while it will look very smart during Zoom meetings, it’s at its best when thrown over a little dress and taken out on the town. ($565,

The Oil

Indie Lee

The many benefits of face oil are usually outweighed by a single, greasy con. But Indie Lee—purveyor of eco-conscious skin-care goods that are both safe for the planet and our bodies—has delivered a squalane oil, 100 percent pure and derived from olives, that hydrates, smooths, and plumps, while quickly disappearing into your skin, leaving you shine-free. In the morning, add a couple of drops to moisturizer for a perfect glow, but an extra dose works wonders before bedtime, after exfoliating or using a drying mask. ($34,

The Swimsuit

La DoubleJ

It started with the dresses. And then the blouses. And then, heaven help us, the tablecloths. Now, La DoubleJ founder JJ Martin has introduced yet another printed product that is impossible to resist. The Milan-based brand’s swimwear collection is a thing of beauty, and while we’re taken by the short-sleeved leotard styles, it’s this surf suit that has us whipping out the trusty AmEx. The UV-banishing long sleeves and halter neckline are wonderfully practical, but unlike most swimsuits that earn that description, it has an alluring, open-back cut that retains some serious style. If a leaf print isn’t your thing, there’s a graphic tile pattern culled straight from the 70s that should do the job, too. ($370,

The Look

Giorgio Armani Mare

Few designers master the life aquatic like Giorgio Armani. The Italian impresario, who has been summering on the Sicilian island of Pantelleria for more than 40 years, is bringing his take on nautical style to the masses with a new capsule collection called Mare, available exclusively in stores. It’s stocked with lightweight, wear-everywhere basics such as linen shirts and shorts, silk knitwear, plain-knit cashmere, and a button-front shirtdress—the kinds of pieces that we rely on for our summer holidays. While those will be looking quite different this year, this stylish ensemble will make staying at home feel like, well, a bit of an event. (Items from $375,

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Issue No. 45
May 23, 2020
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Issue No. 45
May 23, 2020