As someone with a generally sunny, positive disposition, I wasn’t overly concerned with the coronavirus. At least I wasn’t until the president told Americans not to be overly concerned and that he had everything under control.

When an epic liar, who twists the truth just for practice, tells you that you don’t have much to worry about, you know what you do? You start worrying, that’s what you do. In Trump’s willingness to say or do anything to minimize the global threat of the coronavirus in order to prop up the stock market—his singular measure of success (aside from crowd size)—he is deserving of the Murray Hamilton Award. There isn’t really a Murray Hamilton Award. But there should be. Murray Hamilton is that wonderful character actor who played the mayor in Jaws. You remember him—he’s the one who ignored the evidence of a great white shark off the coast of his seaside town, Amity Island, because he didn’t want to close the beaches on the lucrative Fourth of July weekend.