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La Perla Bra

There are so many depressing things dominating our worldview these days; the contents of your lingerie drawer need not be among them. We appreciate that intimates are a personal matter, so consider this beautiful number from La Perla to be a mere reminder that it is time for a seasonal cleaning. Out with the old, and in with something new and indulgent—quality underpinnings are the very first step in feeling put together, and it’s no place to scrimp. ($230,


Pierre Pants

Welcome to shoulder season, that time of the year when no one can figure out how to dress. For cold weather ? Or warm? Formal? Casual? For men, here’s one must-have that will make your life easier—and make you look sharper: the Pierre pant from Officine Générale. As it’s cut from lightweight Italian fabric and styled with two pleats, you get that looser fit you’ve come to like, thanks to your forays into athleisurewear, but with a tailored edge. (The fabric belt, which nods back to classically tailored trousers, is the perfect finishing touch.) Wear them to the office with a jacket, then ditch the jacket, and you still look good on the weekend. ($272,

Suit Up

Entireworld Sweats

Entireworld—the new brand of basics with the slogan “The stuff you live in”—has probably been all over your Instagram feed, offering polished yet simple pieces in an impressive and standardized color palette. While we hesitated to take the digital bait, we eventually succumbed, purchasing a baby-blue sweat suit—sold separately as joggers and a matching sweatshirt—that arrived with a perfectly worn-in feel: truly soft enough to live in, and it got softer with each wash. The design of our monochrome ensemble is retro-inspired, but a slim cut keeps it from being overly referential to vintage styles while flattering the legs and waist. If you aren’t interested in pairing with loafers or Filas and stepping out in a full Carmela Soprano look, we understand, but these obscenely comfortable and still surprisingly stylish sweats may change your mind. ($88,

Mask Off

Dr. Barbara Sturm

Most of us won’t be enjoying a facial or cosmetic procedure anytime soon, so spending some quality time en masque is imperative. (Do it while watching old seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm and—look!—you’re multi-tasking!) Dr. Barbara Sturm is the German skin-care savant behind some of our favorite serums, and she also knows her way around a face mask. Her formula contains purslane, a plant loaded with skin-renewing antioxidants, along with kaolin clay, which removes impurities. Smooth it on, let it do its thing, and in 10 to 15 minutes you might feel as if you’ve clawed back a few of the years that you’ve aged in the past two weeks. ($120,

Issue No. 37
March 28, 2020
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Issue No. 37
March 28, 2020