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Shuffling around the house in a less than civilized pair of slippers, one might find that work-from-home style options are particularly grim. Which is why we’re glad to tout last summer’s investment in slippers from Sabah, purchased at the brand’s Amagansett boutique. Founder Mickey Ashmore modeled his product on traditional Turkish designs, which he discovered while working in Istanbul and then tweaked upon moving to New York. Made of vegetable-tanned leather, they have a water-buffalo insole and are stitched using waxed-cotton thread. The shoes can be worn indoors and out, so enjoy now, in isolation, and wear on the streets with abandon when circumstances permit. ($195,


Extended-Release CBD

If you’re sleeping restlessly these days, we can hardly blame you. And in the event that a supply-chain interruption impacts your access to prescription sleep aids, leaving you puffy-eyed and pale in the morning, these high-potency CBD gel capsules will do nicely as a substitute. Do they drug you into oblivion? No, but they soothe and relax—meaning you’ll no longer wake up at three a.m. in a cold sweat, with the most horrifying passages from Camus racing through your mind. ($75,


Neutrogena Hand Cream

If your hands currently appear a decade older than your face, you’re not alone. Enter Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream, an unscented, clear ointment with a honey-like consistency that banishes dryness. Warning: a little goes a long way—the instructions recommend using “a dab”—and it must be fully rubbed in to achieve proper absorption. But when applied correctly, it’s a marvel, especially in these trying times when extreme handwashing is de rigueur. We recommend applying each evening or as needed for those with extra-sensitive and dryness-prone skin. ($8,


S.P.F. Hand Cream

These days, we need a hand cream for every occasion. This one offers sun protection, and so, if you’re able to safely get some outdoor time, it’s a necessity. Deborah Lippmann’s cheekily named Rich Girl Anti-Aging Hand and Cuticle Cream is not only profoundly nourishing and easily absorbed; it is infused with S.P.F. 25, to offer sun protection as well. Meanwhile, botanical brightening agents and an anti-aging complex made of skullcap and echinacea leave your mains looking as rejuvenated as possible. ($28,

Issue No. 36
March 21, 2020
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Issue No. 36
March 21, 2020