As the globe-trotting president of Net-a-Porter and Mr. Porter, Alison Loehnis spends her days—and many evenings—surrounded by the best clothes, accessories, and beauty potions on the planet. Loehnis, who joined Net-a-Porter in 2007, has been working in fashion since her girlhood summers, when she scored a job at the Ralph Lauren boutique in East Hampton. As both a seasoned editor and a high-powered executive, Loehnis has thoughtfully curated all areas of her life while carving out plenty of time for surprise and discovery. —Ashley Baker

Alibi: “I have a meeting.”
Bedtime: 10 p.m.
Bike: A cute Schwinn with a basket.
Breakfast, weekday: Coffee.
Breakfast, weekend: Scrambled eggs in a bowl.
Car: Citroën Méhari.
Cocktail: A slightly dirty Grey Goose martini.
Cocktail appetizer: Shrimp cocktail.
Couple: My parents.
Date: Dinner someplace foreign with my husband.
: One with no obligations.
: Relatively clean, with a bit of indulgence for good measure.
Dinner, weekday: At home.
Dinner, weekend: In the country.
Disguise: Sunglasses and a big hat.
Dress: Nightgown.
Drive: The road to Coste Ghirlanda, in Pantelleria.
Enemy: Complacency.
Excuse: “I had no signal.”
Family: The Simpsons.
First Lady/First Man: Queen Elizabeth II and King Christian X of Denmark.
Fit: Elegant.
Flaw: I have a weakness for shoes.
Foil: Messiness.
: Alison Cody, whom I’ve known since age six.
: À bientôt. It gives hope of a reunion.
: The Cotswolds.
: The Lowell, in New York, and Il Pellicano, in Porto Ercole.
: “A few clowns short of a circus jacket.”
Last meal
: Sushi.
Lunch, weekday
: Poke bowl.
Lunch, weekend
: Homemade pea soup.
: Federer versus Djokovic.
: Cinema Paradiso.