Along with the September 2019 opening of its aluminum-clad headquarters at 540 West 25 Street came the monumental announcement that Arne Glimcher, who founded Pace Gallery exactly 60 years ago, was finally passing the torch to his second son, Marc.

Having grown up traipsing through artists’ studios with his father, breathing the business as a boy, Marc, 56 and the C.E.O. and president of Pace since 2011, has worked on and off at the gallery since 1985. (“Off” periods include two years spent teaching grade-school science in New Mexico in the late 90s following a disagreement with Arne about taking the reins.) More recently, it was Marc who spearheaded the completion of the gallery’s new building, designed by Dominic Kozerski and Enrico Bonetti of Bonetti/Kozerski in collaboration with Pace and Weinberg Properties, though he refuses to take the credit. “That would be an egomaniacal thing to say,” the younger Glimcher says. “But it did require one person to push the idea, and that was me.”