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Weekend Sweater

Do you dominate in the style department all workweek long, only to spend your weekend toiling away in old jeans and an even older sweater? You’re not alone, but let’s get it together. By Malene Birger has created the ideal weekend turtleneck in a cozy merino-wool blend with a groovy geometric pattern and plenty of volume, for those of us who want to eat pancakes on Saturday morning and look good while we do it. ($415,


Givenchy Lipstick

Just last week, your Air Mail style correspondent flew all the way to Los Angeles without packing a single tube of lipstick. While an unfortunate oversight, it provided the happy opportunity to test dozens of colors upon landing, and to find the ideal party formulation. Givenchy Beauty’s Le Rouge Deep Velvet series provides long-lasting coverage that does not transfer to a champagne glass. The texture is velvety but without any stickiness, and the bold Orange Sable shade is one of the most vibrant variations of classic red on the market. ($38,


Beaded Earrings

Images of these earrings were among the most shared from Simone Porte Jacquemus’s boisterous and fuchsia-rific spring-2020 runway show. Ombré pink and beaded, the Les Mimosas swish around beautifully as you sashay about town or country. And whether paired with a white shirtdress or an all-black office ensemble, they become the centerpiece of any outfit. ($280,


Perfect Black Boots

Oh, we’ve gone fancy, we’ve gone sporty, but despite all those variations, the perfect everyday black boot has been exceedingly hard to find. Until Gabriela Hearst’s Rimbauds came along. Made of panels of both smooth and patent leather, the boot features water-repellent toes, while the rest of the shoe is supple and comfortable. It’s ideal with skirts of all varieties, and the elegantly pointed toe and moderately high heel ensure supreme comfort and maximum style. A solid investment, we’d say. ($1,690;


Veronica Beard

Along the Northeast Corridor, we are still stuck with at least five more weeks of winter. If you find the sight of your hardworking trousers unbearable at this point, we can hardly blame you. Veronica Beard, the brainchild of two sisters-in-law, is primarily known for its jackets, which is a damn shame, given how well its pants fit. The slim Clarence style is made of a woven check that incorporates various shades of blue and chestnut for a bit of panache. The handy tie belt removes one more thing from your to-do list; throw on a white T-shirt or blouse, and your outfit is entirely handled. ($395,

Issue No. 32
February 22, 2020
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Issue No. 32
February 22, 2020