Certain circles may murmur about “Japan’s art island,” or “Japan’s Ando island”—they’re referring to Naoshima, an off-the-radar destination that will be appreciated by any connoisseur of art and architecture. Less than six square miles in size, it’s a small island in Japan’s Seto Inland Sea, and it was put on the map only around 30 years ago after a portion of the island was purchased by the billionaire art enthusiast Soichiro Fukutake.

It was Fukutake who enlisted the help of renowned architect and Pritzker-prize recipient Tadao Ando, who began to shape the island’s craggy coastlines and green lawns by constructing underground galleries, art museums, and a hotel. Ando favors sleek lines, concrete tunnels, and expertly angled light sources that tie together the artwork and the island’s natural surroundings.