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The Holiday Dress

De La Vali

It should come as no surprise that De La Vali, a newish brand specializing in party dresses, was born on Ibiza. Designed by Jana Haveman and Laura Castro, the collection exudes a devil-may-care vibe, which is exactly why we find it so refreshing during this isolated party season. Even if you’re celebrating the holidays at home, dressing up is required—the glitzier, the better. This sequined dress is as festive as it gets, and we’ll need all the cheer we can muster. Bonus: it’s even more eye-catching on Zoom. ($608,

The Necklace


An elegant gold necklace may not sound like the most exciting jewelry purchase of all time, but hear us out. First, what if we call it a “crazy, sexy choker?” And what if we told you that the just slightly oversize proportions are nonetheless vastly different from those of the overly modest necklaces favored by the Greatest Generation? Now that a disproportionate amount of our attention goes toward dressing our body’s top third, it’s time to dress up those T-shirts, day dresses, and even hoodies—yes, really—with something a little bit … gilded. ($370,

The Sneaker

Chuck Taylor

Our renewed love for Chuck Taylor All Stars comes courtesy of Kamala Harris. It’s become her signature shoe on the campaign trail, and as she recently told Complex magazine, “Whatever your background is, whatever language your grandmother spoke—you know, we all at some point or another had our Chucks.” And for good reason—they’ve been unequivocally cool for decades, and add a bit of edge to everything from denim-centric weekend looks to politician-y pantsuits. We’ll be buying two pairs, as good-luck charms. ($50,

The Pants


So, you’ve been subsisting entirely on refined sugars during this election season? We approve, and so do these beauties. Ladies, your #WFH alterna-sweats have arrived just in time for the next lockdown. Vince’s flannel-woven, wide-leg pants were designed with a mid-rise, elasticized (!) waist in mind, so you can manage to look polished and feel relaxed simultaneously. A modern miracle. The delightfully neutral shade of oatmeal ensures that they’ll be just as versatile with your turtlenecks and sweaters as denim is, but the look is a smidge more elegant. Now, if you’ll please excuse us, we must go finish that croissant. ($325,

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Issue No. 69
November 7, 2020
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Issue No. 69
November 7, 2020