High heels have been around since the 15th century; Catherine de’ Medici was reportedly among their most stylish early adopters. But when Christian Louboutin got his hands on them, the stiletto’s reign as a sex symbol intensified. And it wasn’t exclusively due to the 120-millimeter spike heels or the patent leather studded with spikes. Louboutin’s trademark red sole, evocative of lipstick and blood and passion and maybe even death, was largely responsible for the phenomenon. Men buying for women, men buying for men, women buying for women—Louboutins have become an international symbol of excess and luxury. In 2014, the affable designer channeled their hue and attitude into a collection of nail polish, and after bringing his look to the lips, with a new collection of lacquers, he has now entered the realm of fragrance, launching seven scents in a collection called Loubiworld. Herewith, he reveals the key components to his very stylish life. —Ashley Baker

Airport: The Mustique airport, which has the most beautiful landing strip on earth.
Bag: A bag of leftovers that I bring back from Chapito, a restaurant in Lisbon, for Bingo, my Portuguese dog.
Breakfast, weekday: When I used to take breakfast, it was the English breakfast at Claridge’s.
Cocktail: The Melides Mule. It’s like a Moscow Mule, but made with Porto instead of vodka.
Cocktail appetizer: Baby eggplants with garlic in olive oil.
Dinner, weekday: Bistro Volnay, in Paris.
Dinner, weekend: Divellec, in Paris, a divine fish restaurant.
Disguise: Wonder Woman, without a doubt.
Drive:A pan-American route to South America, principally the part that crosses Mexico.