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Venus Candle

At the beginning of quarantine, I burned so many scented candles that I turned my air filter black. Swearing off soot for the time being, I was pleased to see this candle, in the shape of the Venus de Milo, comes not only in alluring scents such as Black Orchid & Ginger, French Pear, and Fig but also in an unscented version for those of us with no self-control. Due to the inherent comfort of ordering a small object, unwrapping it, and finding the perfect place for it in one’s home, I daresay we are headed into another maximal moment—this tiny statuette will look great interspersed with your art books. If I’m wrong? Burn it. ($70, —Daisy Alioto


Knit Kit

Since we’ll be stuck inside this winter, and holiday gift-giving is approaching, it’s an ideal time to learn to knit, which is as easy as watching a three-minute YouTube video. Plus, there are plenty of kits on the market to help you get started. The brand Biches & Bûches, run by a Scandinavian family who relocated to France, offers several, including the No. 64 shawl, which is knit from their petit lambswool, a sturdy yet soft yarn with just enough fuzz to give it a rustic feel. For a chunkier look and faster project, the fisherman cowl from New York’s Loopy Mango comes in 20 beautiful colors and makes for a beautifully plush scarf that you’ll want to wear all winter long. ($104,; $39, —Clementine Ford



It’s shower time, but you’re out of Aesop Geranium Leaf body cleanser. Or perhaps you’re tempted to try a workout from Megan Roup’s Sculpt Society, but you lack stylish two-pound Bala weights. What’s a product-obsessed consumer freak to do? Simply log in to FastAF, a new app that delivers merch from more than 350 brands (including Nike, Sonos, Glossier, Oribe, and Byredo) to your door within two hours. Boy Smells candles, Flaming Hot Keto Cheese Puffs, BjornCorn (that’s right)—the good things in life, displayed in a cleanly designed, easy-to-use app. And should you discover that those APL sneakers are a size too big, well, returns are just as fast and straightforward. The app services New York and Los Angeles for the moment, but expect nationwide delivery in the not-too-distant future. ( —Ashley Baker


Banking District

Numbered Swiss bank accounts may be unethical, but they are not usually sexy. Banking District, a financial thriller available on Amazon, is an Alpine version of HBO’s Succession—a wicked look at a rich and powerful banking dynasty in Geneva. Beneath a veneer of elegance and hauteur, the heirs to the Grangier fortune scheme against each other, piling layer upon layer of envy, betrayal, and infidelity. The problems start from within, but the family fortune is also imperiled by a demanding Russian oligarch—a treasured client—and a newly empowered U.S. Treasury Department intent on upending Swiss-banking secrecy laws to catch tax evaders. The French-language show may not be quite as clever and imaginative as Succession, but it helps fill the gap until Season Three arrives. (with English subtitles; —Alessandra Stanley

Issue No. 71
November 21, 2020
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Issue No. 71
November 21, 2020