The siren call of island life has always had its seductive appeal, yet suddenly it seems like a potentially attainable proposition. With more individuals working remotely, tropical paradises such as Barbados and Bermuda now offer extended work visas to foreigners to come, hoist the economy, and stay awhile. All that sounds idyllic, but not half as enticing as having an entire island of one’s own.

Island purchases, however, can be complicated, buzzkilling affairs in their own right: they’re often mired in red tape and infrastructure issues, with little guaranteed return on the investment. In other words, you don’t want to own an island. You want some very wealthy friends (with a household staff) to invite you to theirs. But leasing a private island of one’s own offers a short-term solution to those on the hunt for a more secluded form of sanctuary, without the responsibilities and stratospheric costs of full-time ownership.