Welcome to Morning Meeting, where AIR MAIL’s Ashley Baker and Michael Hainey take you inside the stories people are talking about this week—and tip you off to the ones the editors are talking about for next week. We cover the people shaping your world whom you want to know more about (and more often the stuff they don’t want you to know about). This week’s guests are AIR MAIL writer at large William D. Cohan, who takes us inside his reporting on Vice Media (7:51), and Duff Lambros, a former Trump-appointed judge (of a beauty pageant, but still!) with some judicious advice for Amy Coney Barrett (18:41). Plus, hear about the 1-percenters who are escaping lockdown (3:00). You can listen by clicking Play below. But be sure to subscribe at Apple Podcasts or Spotify so you don’t miss an episode.

Episode Seven—Bad Behavior: Lolita Sex Scandal; Vice’s Meltdown

Plus: advice for Amy Coney Barrett; 1-percenters behaving badly (still); and more