Let’s journey back in time to the Washington of late July 2018. The West Wing is convulsing over a New York Times front page screaming, MUELLER LOOKING FOR OBSTRUCTION IN TRUMP TWEETS. The State Department is fixated on nuclear-armed Pakistan electing a former cricket star and playboy as prime minister, and the Cabinet is consumed by a burgeoning housing crisis. Meanwhile, the East Wing is engulfed by a seismic shake-up at … the editorial department of Vogue?

“Did you see, they are leaving, two from Vogue?” said Melania at the time, referring to the exit of two of the magazine’s top deputies, Tonne Goodman and Phyllis Posnick. The remarks, released Wednesday, were taped by Stephanie Winston Wolkoff—former East Wing aide/former Vogue staffer/the biggest Iago this town has seen since Linda Tripp. (Trump’s Justice Department this month filed a lawsuit against Winston Wolkoff for violating a non-disclosure agreement.)