During the first four months of lockdown, which she spent with her family in London, Charlotte Hope let herself decompress, having just finished filming the second season of The Spanish Princess, in which she plays Catherine of Aragon. “I was so exhausted by the end [of filming], and if I’d had any choice, I would have just wanted to go straight on to another job,” she says. “So it was quite good to be forced to just sit still and work through some of the trauma, because this was a very heavy show.”

Now she is living in her own place, and the episodes she filmed in March are primed to debut when the second season appears on Starz on October 11. The 28-year-old is adjusting to the strange nature of promoting a show during a global pandemic—there are no glamorous premieres or flights to press junkets. Instead, the studio sent a giant backdrop to Hope’s apartment, for her to sit and pose in front of for Zoom interviews and photographs for social media.