For the past month, France has been paralyzed by train and subway strikes. Many people walk four hours a day to go to work and back. Bicycles, trottinettes (scooters), and all kinds of rolling transport systems have been developed to the point where accidents have risen all around big cities. Christmas vacations were spoiled for lack of trains, airplanes are still fully booked, and there is not one car to be rented.

But many Parisians grumblingly adapt as they did during the German occupation. They use “Système D” (débrouille: manage): walk, bike, and lean on the ride-sharing service BlaBlaCar. Companies hire hotel rooms for their employees who live far away, the Louvre closes at 5:30 p.m. on some days, and the two automatic subway lines in Paris, the 1 and the 14, now attract everyone … including the very rich.