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Soothe It

Tama Healing Mask

Whether facing winter winds or adjusting to a recent foray into the wide world of retinol (or some combination of the two), our skin is likely to take a bit of a beating. This mask, from clean-beauty company Dr. Roebuck’s, is the ideal solution. Turmeric, which gives this balm its pretty orange color, is a natural anti-inflammatory; manuka honey reduces redness; and avocado oil rehydrates without feeling greasy. All of this means the mask combats irritation and helps prevent acne, ideal for those of us with hypersensitive, breakout-prone skin. Dab it on a pimple or apply in a semi-thick layer all over for a glowy, vibrant look. ($28,

Boot It


Looking for a pair of built-to-last legacy boots? While the iconic Clarks Desert Boot is now dubiously made in China (except for expensive and limited runs manufactured in England and Italy), Mantova Italy’s Astorflex remains an under-the-radar option for pristine craftsmanship. Originally founded in the 1800s, the sixth-generation shoemakers yield some of the best and most versatile boots around, carefully produced entirely in Italy. The manufacturing process—which emphasizes sustainability—has been perfected in small hand-made batches over the years, with their chukkas in particular considered some of the world’s finest. The suede models are top-shelf, made from vegetable-tanned leather dyed via a slow, natural process. ($195,

Knot It

An Unbasic Tee

It’s hard to get excited about a basic white T-shirt. Even the most expensive Japanese-cotton ones end up stretched out and worn down before too long. But See by Chloé’s knotted version, which offers all the casual coolness of a plain white tee but with loads more panache, is made of a durable cotton-jersey blend, so it’ll keep its shape (provided you treat it with respect). And you’ll be thankful for this top’s longevity—it requires nothing more than your favorite vintage jeans or slip skirt to create a winning outfit. ($165,

Shoulder It

Staud Bag

Pre-spring collections are here, and, while there is much to admire, there isn’t much to wear—those of us in the Northeast are still shivering in our parkas. But the latest crop of handbags fits both winter and warmer weather, especially this cheery, structured shoulder bag from Staud. Sarah Staudinger and George Augusto, the brand’s co-founders and designers, specialize in the art of the functional. The slim, half-moon Amal style fits neatly under your arm while elegantly storing your essentials: cardholder, keys, lip balm, and phone. Bonus points for this particular shade of sky blue, which reminds us of balmier temps while also looking quite striking against all of our wintry black and navy ensembles. ($325,

Wear It

M Missoni Trench

The clever people over at M Missoni are as distressed about the state of the planet as we are, and so they took matters, and materials, into their own hands for a new collection of outerwear. You might recall that the brand also has a line of home goods—turns out leftover velvet can be used in all sorts of intriguing ways. This retro trench coat is made of upcycled fabric that may have initially landed on the cutting-room floor but has since been put to very good use. The faded check will pair nicely with all sorts of earth tones, transitioning beautifully into spring. ($2,080;

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January 25, 2020
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Issue No. 28
January 25, 2020