From the gianduja-and-ginger tart at the Armani/Ristorante in Ginza to the dazzling spread of new La Prima bags at the redesigned flagship in Milan, every element of the Giorgio Armani universe has been masterminded by the multi-talented man at the center of it all. Only 25 days into 2020, Armani has already unveiled two collections (men’s wear and haute couture) and hunkered down to work on preparations for the 20th anniversary of Armani/Casa. Among his many upcoming journeys, Armani will soon be heading to Dubai, where he will show his Cruise 2021 collection and celebrate the 10th anniversary of the city’s Armani Hotel. He has intimate knowledge of the good life and, herewith, he shares its key components. —Ashley Baker

Giorgio Armani with his cat Charlie in 1979; in Pantelleria with Eric Clapton in 1996.

App: None. We are experiencing a moment of progressive de-personalization, in which we are constantly in a rush and risk losing sight of the things that are important. I find that apps can cause you to waste precious time when sometimes it would be easier—and quicker—to just make a call.