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Nazi official Otto von Wächter.

The Ratline

Anyone who wonders how so many Nazis managed to evade justice after World War II must tune in to The Ratline, a riveting BBC Radio 4 podcast. Human-rights lawyer Philippe Sands explains the mysterious escape of Otto von Wächter, a high-ranking SS officer who helped exterminate thousands of Polish Jews. Sands’s 10 episodes weave together Wächter-family secrets with tantalizing details of Vatican complicity and the Cold War expediencies of the C.I.A. (Listen on Apple.)


The E-Cyclopic

Few sights are more ludicrous than a rider on a foldable bike. Tiny wheels, tall seat, and full-size human, this crudely proportioned mess pedals furiously down the street like it’s just escaped from some child’s drawing. The bikes’ folding virtues offer few favors, as sweating brows, grease-stained pants, and half-collapsed bikes are fixtures at recently vacated subway platforms. Enter the E-Cyclopic, an upcoming e-bike that promises to restore the cycling commuter’s dignity. A spoke-less design allows the rear wheel to fold neatly within the front, the solid tires are puncture-proof, and the internal drive mechanisms draw intrigued, not rolled, eyes. (


Mogador Macaron

India’s famous pastry chef, Pooja Dhingra, has a thing for Paris. She named her Mumbai bakery chain, Le15, after the city’s 15th Arrondissement, where she lived while studying at Le Cordon Bleu. She tasted her first Mogador macaron, made of milk chocolate and passion fruit, at the Pierre Hermé boutique in Rue de Vaugirard 11 years ago. “Even today,” Ms. Dhingra said, “the first thing I do when I arrive in Paris is go straight there and eat one.”


The Candidate

Narcos isn’t the only television series that takes a hard, hypnotic look at Latin American corruption. The Candidate is a political thriller based on the real-life assassination of Luis Donaldo Colosio, a reform-minded politician who was killed while campaigning for president in 1994. The authoritarian government of President Carlos Salinas hastily closes the case, so Colosio’s young widow, Diana Laura, investigates the murder herself. She has many high-placed friends, but the only person she trusts is an out-of–favor provincial police detective who also smells a cover-up. (Watch on

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July 20, 2019
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Issue No. 1
July 20, 2019