Perhaps only a man who can list “truffle entrepreneur” on his résumé could have conceived Britain’s most exclusive Web site, Radio H-P. Imagine a posh Craigslist where carefully vetted members can commune about their needs: a spot on a grouse hunt, a suitable nanny for their toddler or internship for their teen, a Bedlington-whippet-mix puppy from just the right bloodline. The best sort of everything is there for this fortunate community handpicked by founder Nigel Hadden-Paton, ex-cavalry officer, polo player, close friend of Sarah Ferguson, and, indeed, purveyor of truffle-inoculated saplings to the Duke of Edinburgh.

Radio H-P was started in 2015, when the well-connected Hadden-Paton found himself putting his friends in touch about various opportunities and realized that his coterie embodied, as he put it in The Guards Magazine, “an honourable and trusted network … the catalyst for the values behind Radio H-P.” For the pedigrees, too, it seems. New candidates must be put forward by two members, their nominations accompanied by testimonials of suitability. Hadden-Paton told The Times of London that he reads every recommendation himself, carefully winnowing for that ineffable quality, “background.” His choices receive his personal invitation to join. Radio H-P’s membership now tops about 8,000, and Tatler magazine has dubbed its founder “Fulham’s answer to Mark Zuckerberg.”