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To raise awareness about the world’s imperiled bee population, McDonald’s franchises in Stockholm and across Sweden have collaborated with the ad agency Nord DDB to install fully functional beehives, known as McHives, on their rooftops. The beekeeping boxes are housed in built-to-scale replicas of a McDonald’s franchise (complete with bee-size Golden Arches). Bees enter the hive through the main entrance, or, if they’re in a hurry, they can swing by the mini drive(fly?)-through.

The 18th-century interior of Rome’s imperiled caffè.

Caffè Finito? Non Ancora!

Although the Italian government declared Antico Caffè Greco a cultural treasure in 1953, jaded Romans know permanence is not necessarily guaranteed in the Eternal City—even if it does pertain to the oldest coffee house in town. Opened in 1760 beneath the Spanish Steps, and something of a Cedar Tavern for Byron, Keats, and Goethe, as well as for Buffalo Bill, the café spent much of the last year fighting to stay open after losing its lease. As of press time, there is good news: the corretti are still being served.

An underwater reefscape near West Maluku, Indonesia.

Good Reef

In an effort to protect marine life from global warming, UNESCO has cordoned off part of the Coral Triangle to create the Togean Tojo Una-Una biosphere reserve. It’s roughly the size of New Hampshire, but constitutes only a tiny portion of an area that measures four million square miles and contains the world’s greatest diversity of coral species. The reserve will also be home to flora, fauna, and about 150,000 people, many of whom are local fishermen.

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July 20, 2019
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Issue No. 1
July 20, 2019