Perhaps you’re suffering from Scandal Fatigue. Or some version of PTSD (President Trump Stress Disorder). If you feel you are, you certainly wouldn’t be alone. It’s draining and depressing, this never-ending epidemic of predators and miscreants who slither across the top of your morning newspaper. They clutter your mind and stain your conversations. And you begin to feel the world you knew slipping through your fingers. No sooner has one malignant grifter left the stage than another pops up, and they’re often worse than the one that just exited.

Just in the past three years—well, since November 8, 2016, if you want to put a hard date on it—we’ve had enough grifts, scandals, and general nincompoopery for a decade or more: Weinstein, Flynn, Cohen, Manafort, Theranos, Cambridge Analytica, Stephen Miller, Brexit, Russian interference, Epstein, the Khashoggi murder, the fake German heiress, WeWork, Prince Andrew, Ukraine (along with Trump, Giuliani, Perry, Sondland, and on and on). Have I left anybody or anything out?