Prince was a true genius, whose craft transcended all musical categories and inspired so many. His androgyny, both naughty and seductive, was somehow commercially viable; his fashion, quite cleverly his own, created a universe of his own; and his enigmatic character and prolific volume of work intimidated even those closest to him.

So, who was this fascinating creature? I spent 25 years getting to know him, following him around the world on many wild and sleepless adventures, documenting the powerful charisma that he embodied. I still do not claim to truly know him, but here is what I do know. He was well read on every subject he was interested in, and ready to have in-depth conversations about all that impassioned him. If you were able to capture his interest, willing to laugh and to learn without judgment, food, or sleep, he would charmingly engage. And when the conversation was over you would walk away feeling a euphoric kind of high, noting that not only was this an experience to remember but one you wanted to have again and again.