Paul Newman was a man of many parts: Oscar-winning actor, race-car driver, political activist, environmentalist, and philanthropist. But he used to say that one of his proudest achievements was discovering his name on Nixon’s “enemies list.” The list was a tally of opponents and combatants in the culture wars and toxic politics that swirled around Nixon, in particular those who were against the war in Vietnam. Newman was in good company.

I believe there is a league of men and women who take similar pride in being on Trump’s Twitter List, opponents and people he generally perceives as threats—to his manhood, to his position, to his self-image. These are the ones he has tagged with one (or more) of his base, schoolyard nicknames. For a man who surely must be the most ridiculed human in history, you’d think he’d just let things go every once in a while. When Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau made a comment about the length of Trump’s press conference at a Buckingham Palace reception for the visiting NATO leaders earlier this month, the president twitched into action, calling Trudeau “two-faced.”