I’m not a religious person, but I sure do love the holidays. Life is complicated and stressful, maybe now more than ever. We all need a minute, once a year, to communally unplug, connect, laugh, festoon, and generally let it rip, all at the same time. There is also a sweetness and simplicity in tradition and, beyond all of the chaos, the stark beauty of winter, the innocent jollity of a Christmas tree, and the grateful welcome of coming in from the cold into a warm house to celebrate.

Accordingly, my seasonal musical preferences lean vintage. I like music where the tone is genuine, nothing has been pitch-corrected, and the pure joy of making the music leaps through the recording. I hope you enjoy! And I wish you a holiday that is jolly, joyful, and gay!

Ana Gasteyer is a comedian, actress, and singer whose new album is Sugar & Booze