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Buckle Up

The Fancy Belt

Although Loeffler Randall designer Jessie Randall made her name in the shoe business, she augments her accessory offerings each season. For the holidays, she brings us this silver-belt set with hundreds of glass rhinestones. While it will add some strategically placed sparkle to cocktail-ify your favorite dress, it’s equally charming when worn on a weekend with jeans, as Randall herself is prone to do. ($195,


Cartier Watch

The Santos de Cartier is generally accepted as the first watch created to be worn on the wrist. Until it was introduced, in 1904, most men carried pocket watches. But Alberto Santos-Dumont, a Brazilian aviator and friend of Louis Cartier’s, needed a timepiece that he could use without taking his hands off the controls of his plane. Voilà—problem solved, in Cartier style. The watch has been updated across the last hundred years, most recently with this larger gold-and-steel face that comes with interchangeable straps. ($10,400;

Kick It

Miu Miu Pumps

Fact is fact: Miu Miu makes some of the very best holiday-party shoes available, and these faintly 80s red pumps are begging to be worn to every engagement on your seasonal social calendar. This year, next year, 2025—they know their place, and their place is your office party at Walker’s, ladies’ lunch at the Wolseley, and New Year’s Eve “bubbly bash” at the lodge in Sun Valley. ($477,


Attico Evening Dress

We can already envision the perfectly nice but terribly predictable frocks that most revelers will wear on Christmas Eve. As we orient ourselves toward a new year, why not pursue a fresh direction in the fashion realm as well? This midi dress from Attico must be what happens when a double-breasted tuxedo and a Dancing with the Stars–friendly halter dress procreate. Between the daring slit, jaunty lapels, and crystal-embellished buttons, it’s the kind of thing that can only be worn by a woman with a lot of personality and some serious moxie. Also, expensively maintained limbs. Can we be friends? ($1,435;


Starry Earrings

Allow us to introduce you to the earring version of Christmas-tree toppers. These crystal-studded oversize stars from Maryjane Claverol will earn their keep over the next few weeks by pairing winningly with everything from your favorite turtleneck sweater to your sauciest dinner-party ensemble. They’re big, beautiful, and bold—just how we like them. Save the daintier stuff for a boring month like March. ($160,

Issue No. 22
December 14, 2019
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Issue No. 22
December 14, 2019