Air Mail Editor at Large Vassi Chamberlain has spent most of her adult life enmeshed in London’s toniest social circles. Accordingly, she has encountered more than her fair share of royals, including Prince Andrew, whom she memorably met at a lunch for Condé Nast editors in the late 90s. While the Duke of York’s embroilment in the Epstein affair has been making headlines across the globe, it has also dominated dinner-party conversation in the U.K., and so Chamberlain interviewed several members of his inner circle, including a few former girlfriends, for her December 7 report for Air Mail, “Naughty Nights with Randy Andy.” Air Mail spoke with Chamberlain to discuss the tawdry saga’s latest developments.

ASHLEY BAKER, Style Editor: What do you make of the fact that essentially no one has stood up for Andrew?