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The Starter Turntable

Finding the right entry-level turntable is a lot like searching for the perfect cheap bottle of wine. If you’re not careful, you could end up with something truly awful. Fortunately, the aurally attuned folks at U-Turn Audio have come up with a perfect option for vinyl newbies looking for a low-cost way into the wide world of high fidelity. The wonderfully minimalist Orbit Basic Turntable (tonearm, platter, and stylus—that’s it) sounds as good as it looks, and it won’t break your bank. So if you happen to become an audiophile, you can level up without feeling guilty. ($179,

Snuggle Up

The Ultimate Throw

Is there anything we value more highly than comfort? Probably not, which is why we can heartily endorse spending four figures on a blanket. (If you’ve ever stumbled upon the Avalon style from Hermès at the Gstaad chalet of your fanciest friend, you understand.) Made of a witchy blend of merino wool and cashmere, this oversize throw (it measures 53 in. by 67 in., roughly the size of a Buick) provides unmatched snuggles and also gives a well-loved sofa a bit of new life. ($1,525;


Liberty Puzzles

Good luck going back to a flimsy cardboard puzzle after trying one of these wooden beauties from Boulder, Colorado–based Liberty. Made from quarter-inch plywood and decorated with hand-drawn illustrations, they are currently available in more than 650 beautiful designs, and once the holiday rush subsides, custom orders will again be offered. There are few things in life quite as satisfying as fitting one of the “whimsy” pieces (animals, characters, geometric shapes) into place. These jigsaws are so lovely that you may be tempted to frame them upon completion, but resist, disassemble, and get back to work. ($105,

Sleep In

Sleepy Jones Pajamas

Despite our best efforts to branch out, we just can’t quit Sleepy Jones pajamas. The Marina style’s body-skimming (but not stifling) cut is designed to look great both in and out of bed, and the cropped hems and sleeves ensure that even the most ardent tossers and turners will not become tangled or strangled by their nightclothes. Woven from 100 percent cotton in a dashing Prince of Wales check with black piping, these pj’s are destined to be worn all weekend long. ($200,

Slip On

Winterized Birkenstocks

As Air Mail’s Deputy Editor Chris Garrett explains, “You’re either a Birkenstock person or you’re not.” Fair point, so if you find yourself moving on to the next article, we won’t hold it against you. However, the loyalists out there will be happy to know that there’s a new Arizona in town, one made of double-faced felt and lined with wool. You can trot these out on the city streets, but we much prefer to wear ours indoors as an alternative to slippers. Given that we’ll spend most of December puttering around the house, this is a worthy expenditure. ($100,

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November 30, 2019
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Issue No. 20
November 30, 2019