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Double Wrap

The Checked Scarf

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) afflicts nearly 1 in 10 Alaskans, and we don’t even dare to imagine the near-epidemic levels that must plague New Yorkers, who spend five months each year in an overcoat and beanie. This winter, do yourself a solid and add some spice to your scarf game. Knit from soft Italian alpaca, Acne Studios’ blanket-esque, fringed Valley style comes in an uplifting rainbow check that makes the entire going-outside process a bit more cheerful. We’ll need all the help we can get. ($280,

Button Up

Upcycled Shirts

Over her 30-year career as a fashion editor for Glamour, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar, Sasha Iglehart became something of an expert on shirts. Her very favorite ones are of the vintage, all-cotton variety. Iglehart, an intrepid traveler, obsessively sources the very best “pre-loved” shapes, sizes, and patterns from the world’s thrift shops. Then she chops off the collars, modifies the cuffs and sleeves, adds Swarovski buttons, and sells the refurbished products on her website and from her Instagram account, @A.Shirt.Story. (For now, anyway. Barneys, R.I.P., would have been all over this.) “The amount of apparel waste is staggering,” says Iglehart. “It’s pretty exciting to extend the life of a men’s-wear staple. But the best part of this project is to watch how others appreciate the [vintage shirts’] stories and then use my shirts to tell new ones of their own.” ($55,

Cozy Up

The Weekend Sweater

Spanish designer Marta Bahillo has a thing for natural wool and the animals that provide it. Each piece in her brand, Babaà, which specializes in beautiful, functional, and responsibly produced knitwear, is made from 100 percent natural wool and cotton. Bahillo shears her fibers from northern Spain and Andalusia before sending them off to local artisans to be spun and dyed. The finished product is of exceptionally high quality, and it’s quite easy to imagine the timeless designs in heavy rotation for years. The chunky No. 19 cardigan in a soft shade of gray is a current favorite, but we dare you to peruse the brand’s Web site without investing in at least a few. ($254,


The Fisherman’s Hat

This season, Alexandre Mattiussi’s AMI elevates the beanie with a design suited to skate parks, where the style is de rigueur, and Shetland cliffs alike. With its classic cable-patterned knit in virgin wool and its vibrant candy-apple red, the unisex hat recalls the retro tartans of Brigadoon, but the shade and slim shape also conjure Marvin Gaye’s effortlessly cool cuffed watch cap. ($99,


The Vintage-y Cords

This time of year, those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are wearing a disproportionate amount of denim, and this behavior needs to stop. Options abound in the form of vintage-inspired corduroys. Not nostalgic for the 70s? Fine, but surely you can appreciate the fact that they really had the pants thing down pat. Agolde has mastered the art of the high waist, and these groovy, flared numbers will not be dragged through the slush. ($160,

Issue No. 19
November 23, 2019
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Issue No. 19
November 23, 2019