It’s tough to own a Van Gogh. What happens when you embark on vacation? Does the painting really have to stay home all by itself? If only one could pack it away and bring it along like a toothbrush. But haven’t you heard? Billionaires can travel with anything they please, especially when private aviation is involved. So how do you pack the Van Gogh? Call Tanner Krolle, the obsessively discreet British luggage brand that will be happy to design a bespoke trunk. Which is exactly what a client did last year when he couldn’t bear to be separated from a cherished piece of art.

Bespoke Beginnings

In recent years, social media has taught us that airport style is A Thing; luggage is as statement-making as fashion. Clever entrepreneur Damian Mould of investment firm One Luxury Group noticed this phenomenon, and the firm acquired Tanner Krolle, the 163-year-old brand originally founded in 1856 by German master saddler Frederick Krolle. Krolle invented the portmanteau, a hand-stitched dresser case for first-class rail and steamship travelers, and in the 1920s, his company merged with British bespoke luggage firm Tanner & Co. The brand has a rich history of associations with the British royal family, making custom vanity cases for the Queen, briefcases and luggage for Princess Diana, and Eton-bound trunks for Princes William and Harry. More recently, Tanner Krolle masterminded bespoke items for Aston Martin and couture-loving royals.