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October 5 2019
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During London Fashion Week, marchers dressed as mourners said the fashion industry had to take responsibility for its role in creating a “toxic system of consumption.”

September’s London Fashion Week began with a bloodbath and ended with a funeral. Both were productions of Extinction Rebellion (XR), a climate-change protest movement with a taste for the dramatic. XR has been stopping the traffic in London and across the U.K.—not metaphorically, or not only metaphorically—since declaring itself at Halloween 2018. Run mostly by volunteers, funded by donations, it has announced October 7 to be the start of an “International Rebellion,” with actions planned in major cities across the world, including New York.

The Fashion Week bloodbath involved protesters wearing sheets stained with fake blood, pouring buckets of red liquid over the pavement to create a “bleeding red carpet” outside the venue for the catwalk shows, while others glued themselves to the main entrance, and still more staged a “die-in” on the street. The aim was to shame the fashion industry for its contribution to the global climate crisis.

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