As your grandmother might have said, “A fool empties his head every time he opens his mouth.” Or, in the age of Twitter, the fool engages his tiny, upcurled thumbs and taps away. Our hobby president has been on a roll in that regard recently. One Friday earlier this month, Donald Trump thumbed out 59 tweets. And setting some sort of record for a man who claims to have a full-time job, he dispatched 33 in just 20 minutes. Since the beginning of the impeachment inquiry, he has been averaging more than 30 per day. You might well ask yourself, when does he get anything done?

Well, you know the answer. He doesn’t get anything done—anything constructive. Aside from calling for opponents to be impeached or locked up, making “perfect” calls to ask another leader’s help in an illegality, or raging at his beaten-down staff, he’s pretty much part-time at this stage. As this week’s deranged let’s-make-a-deal letter to Erdogan of Turkey and the meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi attest, even part-time may be too much. As Dana Milbank put it in The Washington Post, following the president’s infantile Pelosi meltdown, “Now the world is staring at us, mouth agape.” Indeed, in his “great and unmatched wisdom” Trump has really only made one major decision this month. And it may go down in history as one of the worst military blunders since Gallipoli. The pullout of American forces from Syria has not only unleashed the hounds of hell in the Middle East; it has abetted just about every enemy the West has in the region.