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Katy Hessel

The Great Women Artists

There seem to be as many podcasts about great women artists as there are great women artists, which may explain why some strain for catchy titles like Peachy Keen (a podcast about Southern artists) or Swancast (which stands for Support Women Artists Now). The more blandly named The Great Women Artists is anything but dull. British curator Katy Hessel questions the likes of photographer Juno Calypso and artist and set designer Es Devlin (who, among other works, designs tour sculptures for Adele and Beyoncé) about their inspirations, frustrations, and work habits. It may seem odd to take an aural look at visual art, but Hessel is an insightful, vivacious artist whisperer. (

Lights Out

Sleep Mask

Light pollution is a thing, especially for those of us living in a teeming metropolis. High-quality sleep remains elusive, but we’ve discovered one non-pharmaceutical aid: the Slip silk sleep mask. Why, one might wonder, spend $50 for something you can get gratis on an overnight flight? Unlike those dreadful polyester and cotton masks, which draw moisture out of the skin, this one is made of breathable, high-grade mulberry silk that doesn’t tug or stretch the face and stays put all night long, ensuring that you’ll wake up looking as rested as possible. Unfortunately, we can’t do much about those taxis honking with abandon at three A.M. ($50,



When Thomas Pastuszak, the wine director of the NoMad Hotel, goes to Paris, he seeks out friend and fellow sommelier Marco Pelletier, who curates the carte des vins at Vantre, a slyly simple neo-bistro in the 11th. He loves to eat the roast guinea fowl, prepared by the Italian-French chef Iacopo Chomel, which he washes down with a back-vintage Saint-Joseph—one of nearly 3,000 selections on the wine list. (


The Gazelle

Here is an electric bike that looks as good as it rides and performs with as much efficiency as it has utility. Featuring a substantial pair of forward and rear cargo racks, a sturdy yet lightweight step-through frame, and a Bosch mid-drive motor, the Gazelle NL Bosch Electric Step-Through is up to the task—whatever your task may be. ($3,699;


Land Rover Defender

The Defender—that venerable workhorse of the Land Rover stable that is seen everywhere, from Italian vineyards to the grasslands of Kruger National Park—has been absent from the company’s lineup since 2016. As of next spring, it returns, with its first redesign since 1983, and fans got a look at it at the recent auto show in Frankfurt, where it was unveiled. The big changes, aside from the cosmetic (gone are the hard edges, replaced with rounded, soft corners), are on the inside. Like most things these days, more tech has been added, such as a self-healing wrap that fixes scratches. But make no mistake: this is still the Land Rover that can take on any terrain. Personally, we’ve got our eyes on the still-to-come two-door Defender 90, which has an optional roll-back canvas roof. (from $49,900;

US music producer Clarence Avant attends the world premiere of ‘The Black Godfather’ at the Paramount Theater in Hollywood, 2019.

The Black Godfather

There might be no documentary with more headshake-inducing anecdotes than The Black Godfather. The subject of the film is Clarence Avant. You may never have heard of him, but to paraphrase musician Bill Withers, who credits the music producer and rainmaker with choosing “Lean on Me” as a single, Avant has made a life not only out of knowing people but of making other people’s lives richer by knowing whom to introduce them to and how to help them. Everyone seems to have been touched by Avant, from Snoop Dogg to Hank Aaron to Barack Obama, who tells how Avant got him, then a little-known first-term senator from Illinois, the prime-time slot at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. He never looked back. (

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October 19, 2019
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Issue No. 14
October 19, 2019