The shenanigans of the 80s-era jet set, the subculture of the contemporary boxing scene, the emotions and personalities on display at the inaugural Women’s March—all of these subjects have commanded the interest of photographer Larry Fink over the course of his 55-year career. In June, Fink turned his attention to the equine scene in Deauville, France, where he was installed in an artist-in-residence program. “The town is a ritzy aggregate of conventions, with its share of bohemian eccentricities,” says Fink, who found himself drawn to the goings-on of a local stable. “I spent a good week playing with hay and marveling at the beauty of the beast, and the dignity of the work that goes into rearing and caring for them.” The photographs in his “Liberty and Hoofbeats” series will be exhibited during the Planches Festival, in Deauville, through January 5. “I tried to marry all of the energy perceived within the frame,” says Fink of his creative process. “Energy is all.”