The Noble Rot Book: Wine From Another Galaxy by Dan Keeling and Mark Andrew

“In the first issue of Noble Rot magazine we asked whether writing about wine was as futile as writing about music,” writes Dan Keeling in Wine from Another Galaxy, his new book with business partner Mark Andrew, “something Frank Zappa once likened to ‘dancing about architecture.’” (If Mr. Keeling can humbly make such an admission, surely I have to concede that writing about writing about wine is even more futile.) Named after the affectionate nickname for Botrytis cinerea, a fungus cultivated by producers of some sweet wines to concentrate a grape’s sugars on the vine, Noble Rot has become the U.K.’s nexus of new and old in the generally stuffy wine world.

Beginning life as a boutique quarterly first published in 2013, Keeling and Andrew’s project metamorphosed two years later with the opening of Noble Rot Restaurant & Wine Bar, in West London’s Bloomsbury district. (Noble Rot’s second space, in central London’s Soho, opened just weeks before the coronavirus pandemic began.)