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My Mounjaro, My Choice

For some of us, it’s a miracle drug. So why is it so hard to celebrate?

You Need to Calm Down

Magnesium can help regulate mood, improve sleep, and aid digestion. So why are so many of us running low?

Show Me the Money

After Sofia Richie Grainge fashioned herself as the dewy duchess of quiet luxury, brands leapt to partner with her. Has the influencer game reached its peak?

Doctor Knows Nest

Is your home supporting your health?

Turning Tricks

Why are the rich so reliant on party games? It might have something to do with social anxiety

Dress for Success!

Are you a “Flamboyant Natural,” “Dramatic,” or “Gamine”? David Kibbe’s system for finding flattering clothes is back in fashion

Quit Doing That!

Smoking cessation has never looked better, thanks to these new products and therapies

Naked and Unafraid

Can a week in the buff inspire unconditional love of my body?

Meet Diet Barbie

“The Sorority Nutritionist” promises to make her clients hot, and she’s not afraid to say the words “lose weight”

Disappearing Act

Despite all the talk of body positivity, the skinny aesthetic persists. Now, with Ozempic, it’s more insistent than ever

Listen Up!

Hearing profoundly affects our happiness, memory, and social connections. It’s all too often ignored, but optimizing yours has never looked better

Get in the Water!

Taking a bath does so much more than clean your body—the health benefits could fill a deep tub

Detox Vacation

The spa of the future is all about data, but can four days in a coddled, calibrated paradise really move the needle? Pack your hiking shoes—we’re going to Spain!

Good to the Last Drop

Is it possible to drink to your health anymore? The science and new guidelines about alcohol might change your mind

Doc Star Status

Can you really chop 20 years from your biological age? Paging Dr. Hyman!

The Tyranny of Tracking

Fitbits and Oura Rings promise to make us healthier, happier, and more productive—but at what cost?

My Scan, My Self

Is a $2,499 M.R.I. the apex of preventive health care, a whole-body scam, or something in between?

Dying in Plain Sight

The most disturbing trend among professional influencers? Disordered eating

Zoé Gillette’s Sketchbook

Zoé Gillette’s Sketchbook

Rocka-Bye Stress

Restorative rocking is the latest wellness trend to promise great sleep and inner calm. But does it work?

Isn’t That Crazy?

Call it grit, call it reckless, call it nuts. When I came to Milan, started a fashion line, got divorced, and gathered women together to pour out their hearts, you could also call it a movement

The Hunger Game

Is fasting a longevity tool or a socially acceptable type of disordered eating? Over five long days, one brave soul investigates

Designer Drugs

A fashion designer who got his start with Oscar de la Renta is adding high style to his marijuana dispensary, and it’s attracting an unlikely clientele