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Christophe Pourny

Born and raised in the Var region of Southern France, Christophe Pourny grew up in his parents antique store where he gained a natural knowledge and affection for all types of furniture. In 2010, partner Jason Jobson joined the studio after having spent twenty years working with French and Italian luxury fashion brands. Together, the duo have created an all-natural collection of furniture care, home goods, and more.

Party Starters


Christophe Pourny


Chef’s Apron in Burgundy


Very Dirty Hands Soap

Chef’s Apron in Cherry

Christophe Pourny x Travaux en Cours


Chef’s Apron in Lemon


Laundry Stain Stick

True Marseille Soap in Rose

Summer Fire Starters

Fly Swatter

Shoe Care Kit

The Furniture Bible

Buffing Brush

Tonic Starter Kit

Teak Tonic

True Marseille Soap in Lavender

Color Reviver

Leather Cream

Shoe Tonic

Leather Serum

Fine Metal Protector

Furniture Tonic

True Marseille Soap in Verbena

Cutting Board Tonic

Christophe Pourny x Travaux en Cours


Chef’s Apron in Navy


Christophe Pourny x Travaux En Cours


Straw Hat


True Marseille Soap Set

True Marseille Soap in Sandalwood

French Slippers

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