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Christophe Pourny

Cutting Board Tonic


Shipped from Christophe Pourny

Editor’s Notes:

Christophe Pourny is a notable name when it comes to antique restoration, and frankly, when it comes to caring for our household items, whatever he says, we follow. When his eponymous studio releases its proprietary Cutting Board Tonic, we know our wooden accoutrements will never be more nourished. Free of harmful chemicals and solvents, this tonic is a great way to clean and moisturize all wooden kitchen items. All natural white vinegar and rosemary oil have natural cleansing properties, while walnut oil nurtures and moisturizes wood, all topped with a fresh, clean scent.

About the Brand

Born and raised in the Var region of Southern France, Christophe Pourny grew up in his parents antique store where he gained a natural knowledge and affection for all types of furniture. In 2010, partner Jason Jobson joined the studio after having spent twenty years working with French and Italian luxury fashion brands. Together, the duo have created an all-natural collection of furniture care, home goods, and more.

Size & Fit

8 oz. glass bottle

  • Uses: clean, sanitize, and protect all wooden surfaces
  • Contains walnut oil
  • Does not contain alcohol or mineral oil
  • Made in the United States
Shipping & Returns

Orders will be sent directly by the brand. Expect to receive a confirmation e-mail with tracking details as soon as your order has shipped. Thank you.

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