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Force of Nature

This week, AIR SUPPLY takes a hue or two from the great outdoors, offering up a collection of earth tones, organic textures, and ecologically minded brands. Whether you’re setting the table or settling down by the fire, here’s how to do it in style—naturally


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Hardware Made Easy

Seeking an excuse to buy—or, at least, peruse—a lineup of gorgeous jewels, stunning watches, and covetable automobiles? You’ve come to the right place. This week we offer up a collection that’s hard on the surface but easy on the eyes


Photo: George Rinhart/Corbis/Getty Images (2001: A Space Odyssey)

Out of This World

This week, we’re delighted to present a collection of the unexpected—made-you-look rich hues, unusual shapes, ethereal patterns, and transcendent décor. Since we could all use a little extra color and whimsy to brighten our days, why not start yours with coffee in a rainbow-terrazzo mug?


Photo: Horst P. Horst/Condé Nast/Shutterstock (room)

Rhapsody in Blue

No need to worry about keeping the blues away this season! Let these finds in alluring hues—from cyan and royal to navy and baby—keep you calm and in command of your first-rate style


Photo: MGM/APL Archive/Alamy (Gable and Twiggy)

New Year, New You

Say hello to 2022! We have a hunch it will be a great year. So why not put your best foot forward with a collection of items that promise to keep your mindset fresh, body active, and home organized—or, at the very least, your heart full of good intentions


Photo: © Jacques Pierre/Hemis/ (vista)

Alp Is on the Way!

Hopefully, by now all of your holiday-giving needs have been crossed off the list and then some. Now ’tis the season to look forward to a brand-new year and hit the slopes in style. Or, at the very least, curl up by the fire with a great book, cup of something warming, and these cozy, Alpine-inspired items


Shop Linda’s Regimen

These at-home kits and products are respectable substitutes if you’re not up for a salon visit. And if you’re yearning for the benefits of touch, perhaps you could coerce your child into service. Think of it as vocational training


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A Very AIR MAIL Holiday: Gifts for Kids

Looking for the perfect last-minute present for a little one in your life? AIR SUPPLY’s lovable lineup of toys, art supplies, clothes, and books has raised the bar. Rest assured, the Clauses will have nothing on you


Photos: © Album/Entertainment Pictures/Zuma Press (Gadé); Tommy Ton (Wells)

Fire Sale

A candle that smells like a fire—how meta! Also, how cozy and convenient! If you have a working fireplace that’s chimney-sweep clean, you still have to build, light, and stoke the fire, and make sure embers don’t fly into your living room. Oh, wait, did you remember to open the flue? It’s exhausting, especially when you can just light a candle. These are exotic blends of romantic, calming woods. In fact, phytoncides—essential oils found in pine, cedar, and oak—have been found to reduce blood pressure and cortisol, according to a Japanese study. The Buly Sumi Hinoki candle, derived from a Japanese cypress tree, evokes “flame-charred temples lacquered black with smoke.” Sounds dangerous and poetic! Please meet my favorite fireplace candles.


Photo: Giorgio Lotti/Mondadori/Getty Images (Mastroianni)

A Very AIR MAIL Holiday: Gifts for Him

Alas, a partridge in a pear tree is just not that practical. Not to fret: we have you covered, with inspired items for all the gentlemen on your list—from the best books and den décor to gadgets and skin-care products


Photo: GAB Archive/Redferns/Getty Images (Kitt)

A Very AIR MAIL Holiday: Gifts for Her

This festive season, AIR SUPPLY has you covered with inspired items for every lady on your list—from jewelry and beauty to books, games, and office appointments. So you can sit back and cue the Eartha Kitt!


Photo: Herbert Dorfman/Corbis/Getty Images (Bacall)

Green Is Good

Finding yourself increasingly drawn to soothing, hopeful shades of green? You’re not alone. So, this holiday season, give your entertaining and gift lists a winning start with this collection of items abundant with verdant appeal


Photo: Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images (Loren)

All That Glitters

Shine bright like a diamond, thanks to an array of the most eye-catching accessories, jewelry, gadgets, décor, and more that, quite literally, sparkle. It may not be gold, but it’s undeniably alluring


Photo: Les Films Impéria/Photofest (Belmondo and Seberg)

Cinema Style: Breathless

Escape into the silver screen—and 1960s France—by taking a sartorial cue or two from this beloved Jean-Luc Godard classic. You’ll be steeped in plenty of New Wave fashion with this collection. French lessons sold separately


Photo: Nils Jorgensen/Shutterstock (Cumming)

Highland Fling

Great Scot! This week, Air Supply celebrates items full of Caledonian appeal, from a tartan-appointed holiday idyll to the proper jacket and boots to wear when you arrive. If nothing else, our collection—and perhaps a wee dram—will get you in the mood for cozier climes


Photo: Nina Leen/The Life Picture Collection/Shutterstock (woman walking Weimaraners)

Pet Shop Toys

For devotees of David Attenborough or Doctor Dolittle, this week Air Supply includes an animal-inspired collection that you won’t be able to keep your paws off. Herewith, items modeled on—and in some cases designed for—our favorite four-legged and feathered friends, both at home and in the wild


Photo: Astor Pictures/Photofest (Aimée and Mastroianni)

Highest Contrast

“Why black and white?,” Diane Keaton reportedly once asked in reference to her preferred palette. “Because color can be too demanding.” In that spirit, make a point of throwing your superb taste into relief with these eye-catching, monochromatic items for your driveway, kitchen, or closet


Photo: Jack Garofalo/Paris Match/Getty Images (Vitti)

Room Service, Please!

Few things in life are better than a visit to a familiar, first-rate hotel. So after you check in and order up a club sandwich, spoil yourself with these special discoveries from, and reminiscent of, favorite properties around the globe—as well as some items to get you there in style


Photo: HBO/Photofest (Gandolfini)

The Weekend Warrior

Since you’re reading this in AIR MAIL, we already know a couple of things: you have exceptional taste and you value your weekends, spending the downtime wisely. With those precious hours top of mind, we present a style guide comprising products that aim to perfectly complement not just this Saturday edition but all those to come—at home and away


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The Artful Aesthete

Let the right side of your brain go wild with our wish list of art supplies, colorful clothes, and eye-catching accessories for all. No RISD degree necessary here—and, as always, feel free to color outside the lines


Photo: Quil Lemons (Brielmaier)

My Favorite Things

As the newly appointed deputy director of the New Museum in New York City, Isolde Brielmaier is lauded for her discerning eye. (Case in point: she’s also curator at large for the International Center for Photography.) Working with and writing about leading contemporary artists is second nature to Brielmaier, and that experience also influences her personal style. “I love this collaboration by artist Jill Magid and David Yurman,” the AIR MAIL Editor at Large says of a piece of jewelry that’s won her attention of late. And describing a favorite leather handbag, she adds: “It looks like a sculpted art piece for your arm.” Herewith, Brielmaier shares these items and more


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