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Gold Medal Guest

Heading off to visit friends for the weekend—or even just supper—this season? Gearing up to stay under someone else’s roof can get exhausting. Let us help you relax with a list of thoughtful, inspired gifts for your favorite hosts


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Big Little Lives

The kids are all right, or at least they will be, thanks to our careful selection of the world’s top toys, children’s clothing, and baby miscellany. As the wise maxim goes, “People who say they sleep like a baby usually don’t have one.” So you might as well spend some of that time shopping


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West-Dressed List

​​Dust off your saddles—blazing or otherwise—and prepare to ride off into the sunset. Whether you’re staying put or hitting the vacation trails, this week AIR SUPPLY features a pioneering collection of clothing, gear, and gifts that tips a hat to the open range. From firepits to fragrances, we have all the best items that recollect the Wild West


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Pop Stars

With Father’s Day fast approaching, consider this your friendly reminder to recognize the paternal figures in your life. Chances are that you owe them one—or many—for their patience through the years. From handsome accessories and thoughtful reading recommendations to the best gadgets, gear, and tools, these are gifts he is likely to appreciate


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It Had to Be Hue

We see your true colors shining through! From totes to tools and from games to gizmos, this week AIR SUPPLY offers up our top products in punchy (often primary) Pantones. Herewith, our favorites to help you turn up the volume in style


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Total Reset

For those who appreciate clean lines and a streamlined aesthetic, this week AIR SUPPLY presents a collection of beautifully unfettered items for the garage, the dressing room—and nearly everywhere in between. Despite muted palettes and minimalist silhouettes, these selections still make a memorable statement


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The Exquisite Voyager

Prepare to pack your bags and set off in style. We have you covered with a perfect travel-ready shopping guide—from tech and accessories to transit-optimal skin care, clothing, and footwear. Here’s to spending more time enjoying the journey


Charging of the Card: Platinum Jubilee

At the urging of AIR MAIL’s travel writer at large, Victoria Mather, our shop is honoring the upcoming culmination of the Platinum Jubilee with an array of items inspired by Queen Elizabeth II’s 70 years on the throne.


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The Backyard Gourmand

As spring breezes into summer, many of us will turn our thoughts to favorite pursuits—outdoor entertaining not least among them. So, if gathering around a table under open skies is in the cards for you and yours, consider these items designed for gracious hosting and dining alfresco


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Sailor’s Delight

Go overboard with these seaworthy selects—from deck-ready outerwear and travel accessories to yacht-appropriate décor. Regardless of whether you own a boat, have friends who do, or merely daydream about an afternoon on the water, you’ll be ready to make waves with these items


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Mom’s the Word

Mother’s Day is a mere week away—and while a card is always appreciated, it’s a fitting time to lavish care on the maternal loved ones in our lives. And perhaps an equally fitting occasion for those heroines to spoil themselves


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Classics Major

Channel your inner academic with an Ivy League–inspired shopping list—items for the study, wardrobe, and even tailgate—which will serve you well long after the semester’s over. When it comes to style, we are always delighted to help with your early-decision application


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Some Gaul!

Dreaming of a leisurely stroll along the Seine or a scenic drive through the Loire Valley? Well, you’re not alone. Indulge your wanderlust by reveling in our favorite selections from Paris, Provence, Burgundy, and beyond


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Tangerine Dreams

Let the sunshine in and pluck from AIR SUPPLY’s new branch of orange-hued finds. These citrusy selections promise to put you in a cheery, springtime mindset so you can head out into the world looking—and feeling—fresher than ever


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Spring Break

Whether or not a beach vacation is in the cards this season, these warm-weather finds will place you squarely in a sunny mindset—and remind you that spring is here!


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Down the Aisle

For weddings, showers, and everything in between. When you’re down to the wire, sure-to-please gifts are right this way


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Brit Large

A welcome opportunity to revel in your inner Anglophile through a selection of the U.K.’s best homewares, clothing, and books. (Season Two of Bridgerton premieres March 25.)


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Night Moves

Few things are as valuable as a good night’s sleep, so why not invest accordingly? Indulge in our favorite somnolent finds: a stylish alarm clock, elegant pajamas, and smart slippers


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Classics 2.0

In which we spotlight fresh takes on enduring product categories and fashion designs. Re-discover old favorites through a new, inventive lens


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La Dolce Vita

A welcome outlet for built-up wanderlust, this inspired collection from Italy might be the next best thing to touching down at Fiumicino


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Back to the Well

Set and tackle new self-care goals—or at least feel like you could—with this winning lineup of healthful tools, activewear, fitness tech, mental-dexterity games, and sporting accessories


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