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Organic Matter

Ahead of Earth Day, dig into AIR SUPPLY’s bounty of sustainable delights, from clean cosmetics to upcycled clothing and housewares made to last a lifetime. Rest assured: these handpicked essentials were consciously crafted with the planet’s well-being—and yours—top of mind


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Way Out West

Dust off your saddles—blazing or otherwise—and prepare to ride off into the sunset: this week, AIR SUPPLY tips a hat to the open range. Whether you’re hitting the vacation trails or playing Cowboy Carter on repeat, our pioneering roundup has everything you need to feel at home in the wild, wild West


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April in Paris

Paris has long been the beauty capital of the world, and not just for the architecture. There, fragrance is an art, skincare is a ritual passed among generations, and facials are scheduled like doctor’s visits. Every time I go, I end up rummaging through the pharmacies and boutiques, turning up treasures. These are my favorite souvenirs.


Photo: AFP/Getty Images (Marais, Signoret and Pigaut)

Rain of Thought

This April, prepare for the worst and hope for the best with AIR SUPPLY’s assortment of storm-ready staples, from waterproof wonders to a trench coat that can be worn rain or shine. Here’s to weathering the seasonal showers in slick, sensible style


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The Constant Gardener

Spring is in the air, and AIR SUPPLY’s latest collection is ripe for the picking. Hone your green thumb with these botanical offerings, from pleasurable pruners and planters to clogs that can be worn in—and beyond— the backyard


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Screen Time

Whether you opt for Dune: Part Two or the Criterion Channel’s Wong Kar-wai collection, set the cinematic mood with these scene-stealing finds, including premier popcorns, director-inspired attire, and the projector that will turn any home into a movie theater. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show


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Bahama Breeze

Set your out-of-office message and ease into vacation mode: AIR SUPPLY is headed to the tropics. Should white sands and crystal-clear waters not be on your spring-break itinerary, worry not: these sunny delights are welcome reminders that warm weather is just around the corner


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Long Live the Night

Before daylight savings grants us an extra hour of sun, make the most of the season’s long evenings—and perhaps even indulge in a touch of nighttime revelry—with these after-hours thrills, including glimmering accents, garments replete with dark glamour, and fiery flourishes to help you paint the town red


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Less is More

What if a 12-step skin-care routine is 9 steps too many? What if you want to look put together and polished but not contoured and powdered? These are the best, highest-impact, multipurpose products for the beauty and style minimalist.


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Springing Forward

As February nears its ends, breathe new life into your wardrobe with the help of the AIR SUPPLY team, who toiled all winter to curate a surefire sartorial guide for the season ahead. And so, hang up your coats and welcome the light, from breezy dresses and pale-colored knits to elegant sportswear for taking your workout out of the gym and into the open air


Photo: CBS/Photofest (Mills)

Detox No More

After hibernating for the start of winter—and perhaps even partaking in Dry January—prepare to socialize again with the help of AIR SUPPLY. So pour a glass of wine, treat yourself to mind-sharpening chocolates, and trade out your cashmere sweats for elegant (but nevertheless effortless) ensembles, all of which will help ease your transition from bear to butterfly


Photo: Universal/Photo12/Alamy (Rivera and Kelly)

The Anti-Valentine’s Day Viewing Guide

With Valentine’s Day lurking, revisit film classics, from Kramer vs. Kramer to The War of the Roses, to remind yourself that not every relationship has a Hollywood ending. But if that doesn’t do the trick, take heart: AIR SUPPLY’s selection of extra-sweet self-care treats will guarantee your February 14 closes on nothing short of a high note


Photo: Klaus-Peter Wolf/ImageBroker/Shutterstock (carnival)

Unmasking the Venice Carnival

Keep it above water at the Venice Carnival, which takes the city by storm this month once again. From sparkling jewels to the most coveted Italian slippers, our guide will help you navigate the ancient festival’s opulent masquerade balls in style, whether you’re attending or following from afar


Photo: Watford/Mirrorpix/Getty Images (Ono and Lennon)

The Masterly Minimalist

In the spirit of the New Year—and its proverbial blank slate—pare back your shopping cart with these subtle yet stunning objects of permanence, from go-with-anything wardrobe essentials to understated treasures for the home. Because less is, indeed, more


Photo: Everett Collection (Wiazemsky)

The Reader’s Digest

As we settle into the quieter pace of winter, take a page from AIR SUPPLY’s book, with our favorite titles and reading accessories—including customizable ex libris stickers and the cashmere blanket to curl up with—for your library, nightstand, or nook of choice


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Organized Affairs

Even if you are not one to believe in the life-changing magic of tidying up, the arrival of a new year presents an oft-needed excuse to de-clutter your home—and perhaps even cleanse your mind in the process. Herewith, everything you need to achieve a lasting sense of immaculate peace and order


Photo: Everett Collection (Benjamin and Prentiss)

The Big Sleep

Few things feel as magical—and mandatory at that—as a good night’s sleep. So hang up your party hat and rest easy: AIR SUPPLY’s spellbinding selection has just the right charm to turn your shut-eye into a deep and luxurious slumber


Photo: Paul Popper/Popperphoto/Getty Images (Fonda)

Hit Refresh

I don’t waste a lot of energy on resolutions that I’m inevitably going to break, but I still look at the new year as a chance to reset. It’s time for fresh workout clothes that actually match, a few upgrades on the home-gym situation, and something to clean the skin and the cells. And just like that, I feel stronger already.


Illustration: René Vincent/Culture Club/Getty Images (skiers)

Let It Snow

Whether you’re hitting the slopes in Gstaad or Jackson Hole, AIR SUPPLY has you covered with winter wonders for your most stylish ski—and après-ski—session yet. Think: refined puffers, cashmere throws, all-weather creams, and more


Photo: Images Press/Getty Images (Cleveland and St. Jacques)

Oh, What a Night!

With the New Year’s Eve countdown on, prepare for an unforgettable night with these festive finds, each worthy of celebration in its own right. Best of all? From sleek attire to sparkling jewels, these elegant indulgences are bound to outlast even the most well-intentioned resolutions


Photo: Impéria/Photofest (Seberg and Belmondo)

Gifts for the Homebody

As winter sweeps the Northern Hemisphere, who wouldn’t relish receiving a timeless treasure for the home? Best of all: these gracious gifts can be kept in the family for the years—and generations—to come


Photo: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp./Photofest (The Sound of Music)

Gifts for Kids of Every Age

It’s no easy feat to win over picky children, but fret not: AIR SUPPLY’s latest gift guide has been expertly crafted for every kid on your list, from tots to teens. Among the seasonal treats? Cashmere baby blankets that parents will want to steal and a pen-pal kit that may even earn you a handwritten thank-you


Photo: Startracks/Shutterstock (Carey and Claus)

A Very AIR MAIL Holiday: Gifts for Her

When it comes to bestowing presents upon the women who make your world go round, let AIR SUPPLY lend you a helping hand with our carefully chosen assortment of meaningful gestures and indulgences alike, all of which are sure to send her heart soaring


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