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Photo: Everett Collection (Benjamin and Prentiss)

Chamber of Sleepers

Few things feel as magical—and mandatory, at that—as a good night’s rest. From comfy flannel duvets to sleep-inducing beverages, AIR SUPPLY’s spellbinding selection has just the right charm to turn your snooze into a deep and luxurious slumber


Photo: PL Gould/Getty Images (Crawford)

The Elegant Minimalist

Longing for a more streamlined aesthetic? This week, de-clutter your state of mind, or at least your dressing room, with AIR MAIL’s collection of beautifully unfussy items—all of which, we hope, will spark joy


Photo: Slim Aarons/Hulton Archive/Getty Images (Verbier)

Alp Is on the Way!

Whether you’re hitting the slopes in Gstaad or Jackson Hole, AIR SUPPLY has you covered with winter wonders for your most stylish ski—and après-ski—session yet. Think: sleek puffers, cashmere throws, all-weather face creams, and more


Photo: Twentieth Century Fox/Allstar Picture Library/Alamy (The Best of Everything)

See Sweet Executive

As many venture back into full-on work mode this January, discover these choice pieces to make you actually want to post up next to that watercooler, real or figurative. Here’s wishing you a smooth—and stylish—transition


Photo: Slim Aarons/Hulton Archive/Getty Images (sunbather)

A Better You

On the heels of a nonstop holiday season, the New Year presents a clean plate for your body and mind. Here, choose from a wealth of wellness tools designed to make you feel your best—both inside and out—in 2023


Photo: Steve Schapiro/Corbis/Getty Images (Pee-wee Herman)

Gifts for Yourself

After a season spent seeking out gifts for your nearest and dearest, it’s time to treat yourself, dear reader. After all, why leave your own list in the hands of others? Here, choose from a bounty of extra-special pleasures—picked just for you


Photo: Irving Penn/Condé Nast/Shutterstock (Parker)

Delightful Gifts for Under $100

Rest assured: a thoughtful gift need not break the bank. Which is why we at AIR SUPPLY have put together a selection of merry-making tokens of affection—from shearling-lined slippers to a California-inspired candle and more—all for just $100 or less.


Photo: © Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp./Everett Collection (Cardinale and Delon)

Extravagant Gifts for That Special Someone

When it comes to bestowing presents upon your loved ones, why settle for anything less than extraordinary? With that in mind, AIR SUPPLY’s singular gift selection abounds with indulgent luxuries, each handpicked to exceed any and all expectations


Photo: Herbert Dorfman/Corbis/Getty Images (Santa Claus and Temple)

Gifts for Kids of Every Age

It’s no easy feat to win over picky children, but fret not: AIR SUPPLY’s latest gift guide has been expertly crafted for every kid on your list, from tots to teens. Among the seasonal treats? Cashmere baby blankets that parents will want to steal and a pen-pal kit that may even earn you a handwritten thank-you


Photo: Weegee (Arthur Fellig)/International Center of Photography/Getty Images (Weegee and Naked City)

Gifts for the Cinephile

This holiday season, set the mood—and spread the cheer—with AIR SUPPLY’s premier gift guide, especially edited for the film lovers on your list. Sit back and relax: from auteur autobiographies to the projector that will turn any home into a movie theater, these cinematic cadeaux will earn you a standing ovation


Photo: Goddard Archive/Alamy (Harry)

Gifts for the True New Yorker

This week, AIR SUPPLY celebrates the great city of Gotham—in all its grit and glamour—with a collection dedicated to the indomitable style of downtown idols and landmarks, both past and present. From sartorial essentials made by Manhattan’s favorite designers to a book of Lou Reed’s collected lyrics, New York has never looked so good


Photo: Historia/Shutterstock (topiary)

Gifts for the Budding Gardener

AIR SUPPLY’s latest gift guide is ripe for the picking. From pleasurable pruners and planters to the straw hat that can be worn both in and out of the garden, these plant-centric presents are bound to inspire anyone with a green thumb


Photo: Classicstock/Alamy (Taylor)

Gifts for the World Traveler

No matter which destination is beckoning the frequent fliers on your list, make their trip all the smoother with gifts designed to bring comfort and joy to journeys of any length. Here, discover luxurious luggage, TSA-approved cosmetics, and the sartorial essentials that will help even the most discerning world wanderer take off—and touch down—in style. Bon voyage!


Photo: AP/Shutterstock (Liberace)

Neutral Territory

Taking a cue from our seasonal surroundings, color comes down to earth in AIR SUPPLY’s latest autumnally tinged collection. Thanks to handpicked finds in shades of chocolate, cinnamon, and cranberry, going au naturel has never been more tempting.


Photo: Vittoriano Rastelli/Corbis/Getty Images (Dunaway and Mastroianni)

Classic Acts

Some things never get old, which is why we at AIR SUPPLY have put together a selection of the enduring essentials that are worthy of any shopping bag. Best of all, from tried-and-true sartorial treasures to heirloom-worthy interior accents, each of these carefully crafted classics has been designed to age with elegance and ease.


Photo: Frances McLaughlin-Gill/Condé Nast/Shutterstock (model)

Nature Stop

Before heading to your local farmers market to stock up on the last of the season’s picture-perfect produce, invest in these good-for-you, good-for-the-planet shopping essentials, from hemp vegetable bags to sustainably made attire that will carry you through the aisles in abundant style.


Photo: TCD/Prod.DB/Alamy (Graham)

Cinema Style: Boogie Nights

We may no longer live by the credo of “disco or die,” but who wouldn’t want to take a sartorial cue from Paul Thomas Anderson’s cult classic, if only for a night? Ahead of the film’s 25th anniversary, here’s everything you need to dance the night away in decadent style, from velvet slippers to sparkling statement pieces and more


Photo: © Les Films Concordia/Collection Christophel/Alamy (Piccoli and Bardot)

French Connection

As the fashion set descends on Paris for the final leg of Fashion Week, why not take a sartorial cue from the City of Light? This collection of flown-in-from-France essentials will provide your wardrobe with plenty of Gallic charm—no matter which side of the Atlantic you find yourself on


Photo: Universal/Photofest (Hudson and Perschy)

Postcard from Lake Placid

This week, AIR SUPPLY is heading into the great outdoors with a trove of autumnal finds, from blankets and board games to all-weather adventure attire and the perfect books to read fireside. Just try not to get too cozy.


Photo: Columbia Pictures/Photofest (Streep)

A Matter of Taste

Take stock of your culinary landscape and fill in any gaps with this menu of goodies—and sartorial selects—for gourmets, gourmands, gastronomes, and those who love them. With everything from aprons and cookbooks to kitchen gadgets and décor, you’ll be well sated


Photo: Stephen Ladner/Condé Nast/Shutterstock (models)

Social Studies

We see your favorite influencer’s Pinterest board and raise you our curated collection of social media’s top products. From skincare to decorative objects, AIR SUPPLY did the endless scrolling, double-tapping, and social studies for you


Photo: Louis Requena/MLB/Getty Images (Jackson)

Incoming Logomotive

This week AIR SUPPLY invites you to hop on the local and luxurious logo-motive train. These branded items are worth a few pit stops in our shop and will make your Labor Day journey, wherever it may take you, all the more delightful. All aboard!


Photo: Twentieth Century Fox/Photofest (Newman and Woodward)

Southern Gothic

Gear up to gather ‘neath the Spanish moss with an ice-cold drink in hand. From Charleston’s Battery to New Orleans’s Garden District, AIR SUPPLY takes a trip below the Mason-Dixon Line to soak up the region’s more charming fashion and entertaining cues


Photo: Slim Aarons/Getty Images (Villa la Cassinella)

Como Chameleon

Fire up the Riva Aquarama and prepare to dance the night away in your best Italian slippers, dazzle in your sparkliest jewels, and dine among the most enchanting table-scapes. George and Amal will have nothing on you. Buon Ferragosto!


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