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A Very AIR MAIL Holiday: Gifts for Her

This festive season, AIR SUPPLY has you covered with inspired items for every lady on your list—from jewelry and beauty to books, games, and office appointments. So you can sit back and cue the Eartha Kitt!


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Green Is Good

Finding yourself increasingly drawn to soothing, hopeful shades of green? You’re not alone. So, this holiday season, give your entertaining and gift lists a winning start with this collection of items abundant with verdant appeal


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All That Glitters

Shine bright like a diamond, thanks to an array of the most eye-catching accessories, jewelry, gadgets, décor, and more that, quite literally, sparkle. It may not be gold, but it’s undeniably alluring


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Cinema Style: Breathless

Escape into the silver screen—and 1960s France—by taking a sartorial cue or two from this beloved Jean-Luc Godard classic. You’ll be steeped in plenty of New Wave fashion with this collection. French lessons sold separately


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Highland Fling

Great Scot! This week, Air Supply celebrates items full of Caledonian appeal, from a tartan-appointed holiday idyll to the proper jacket and boots to wear when you arrive. If nothing else, our collection—and perhaps a wee dram—will get you in the mood for cozier climes


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Pet Shop Toys

For devotees of David Attenborough or Doctor Dolittle, this week Air Supply includes an animal-inspired collection that you won’t be able to keep your paws off. Herewith, items modeled on—and in some cases designed for—our favorite four-legged and feathered friends, both at home and in the wild


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Highest Contrast

“Why black and white?,” Diane Keaton reportedly once asked in reference to her preferred palette. “Because color can be too demanding.” In that spirit, make a point of throwing your superb taste into relief with these eye-catching, monochromatic items for your driveway, kitchen, or closet


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Room Service, Please!

Few things in life are better than a visit to a familiar, first-rate hotel. So after you check in and order up a club sandwich, spoil yourself with these special discoveries from, and reminiscent of, favorite properties around the globe—as well as some items to get you there in style


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The Weekend Warrior

Since you’re reading this in AIR MAIL, we already know a couple of things: you have exceptional taste and you value your weekends, spending the downtime wisely. With those precious hours top of mind, we present a style guide comprising products that aim to perfectly complement not just this Saturday edition but all those to come—at home and away


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The Artful Aesthete

Let the right side of your brain go wild with our wish list of art supplies, colorful clothes, and eye-catching accessories for all. No RISD degree necessary here—and, as always, feel free to color outside the lines


Photo: Quil Lemons (Brielmaier)

My Favorite Things

As the newly appointed deputy director of the New Museum in New York City, Isolde Brielmaier is lauded for her discerning eye. (Case in point: she’s also curator at large for the International Center for Photography.) Working with and writing about leading contemporary artists is second nature to Brielmaier, and that experience also influences her personal style. “I love this collaboration by artist Jill Magid and David Yurman,” the AIR MAIL Editor at Large says of a piece of jewelry that’s won her attention of late. And describing a favorite leather handbag, she adds: “It looks like a sculpted art piece for your arm.” Herewith, Brielmaier shares these items and more


Photo: Adirondack Alliance/Photofest (The Beer Drinker’s Guide to Fitness & Filmmaking)

Adirondack Dispatch

With millions of acres of magnificent beauty, it’s little wonder that the Adirondacks were the Gilded Age getaway of robber barons. And still the region, with its muscular mountains and serene lakes, transports visitors away from the pedestrian worries of everyday life. With that in mind, and fall in the air, AIR MAIL offers up this cozy collection—including a canoe and the perfect outfit to wear while paddling it


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Kitchen Consequential

Now’s the perfect time to take stock of your culinary toolbox and fill in any gaps by using this menu of goodies for gourmands. With the best of everything from chef-tested gadgets to stovetop essentials, we will have you and your sous ready à la minute


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Varsity Hues

Sometimes being in the middle of the action is overrated. So if you’d prefer to be on the sidelines instead of in the scrum, we have what you need to look and feel like a winner. From kickoff-ready garments to tailgate-tailored accessories, these items are inspired by the sporting life


Photo: Carter Smith (Wells)

My Favorite Things

In addition to innumerable accolades over a storied and evolving career, Linda Wells, the founding editor of Allure magazine, has earned a reputation for providing her honest take on everything from fashion to business. It’s a quality that’s long endeared her to legions of loyal readers—and, since the founding of her own beauty brand, Flesh, to customers as well. This week, Wells brings that unmatched beauty expertise to AIR MAIL with a collection of her favorites. Herewith, she highlights her go-to sunscreen (“I start the day with this and an iced coffee”) and lash ritual (“These products truly made my lashes longer in about a month”). Plus, she recommends a face treatment that “helps the body’s own stem cells kick into action” alongside a hair tonic that transports one to “the Amalfi Coast in July”


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The Office Aficionado

As many begin to venture back into more professional settings—or, at least, mindsets—here are some of AIR MAIL’s favorite items to make the transition a smooth and highly stylish one. Whether you’re working from the corner office or the kitchen table, you’ll be ready to go


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Oh, What a Night!

“What, we have plans?!” You bet you do. Prepare to paint the town red with these elegant options—from sleek attire to sparkling jewels—for an unforgettable evening out and about. We’ve even included a few exceptional items to carry you in style on city streets and comfortably into the next morning


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The Best Nest

If spring cleaning is such an established ritual, shouldn’t fall nesting be one, too? We think so. From objets d’art and kitchen appointments to organizers and linens, this week we catalogue our favorite items for a well-loved home


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Memo from Montauk

While Labor Day may be approaching, the water’s still warm and the days are still long on the easternmost tip of Long Island. This week, AIR MAIL invites you to savor the last days of August with the casual cool of Montauk. Consider it a love letter from the end of the world


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Forever Young

Who doesn’t want to hit Rewind from time to time? This week, AIR MAIL has you covered with a selection of Benjamin Button–inspired games, garments, and gadgets. Whether you’re shopping for youngsters or for yourself, these favorites will never get old


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The Weekender Wish List

Sometimes it’s the briefest sojourn that proves most challenging to prepare for. Let us help you with a few ideas for easy outfits, clever host gifts, and tasteful weekend-travel accessories


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The Enchanting Maximalist

Is Marie Kondo a can’t-do? Do you consider Lilly Pulitzer a neutral? If so, then let yourself go wild with this trove of eye-catching pieces—ensembles, accessories, décor—that embrace color and whimsy, and pay understatement no mind. After all, for some of us, more really is more


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The Elegant Minimalist

Longing for a more streamlined aesthetic? This week, de-clutter your state of mind, or at least your dressing room, with AIR MAIL’s collection of beautifully unfussy items—all of which, we hope, will spark joy


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