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A Cultural Compass
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The Lesbian Songbook

Matthew Brookshire performs solo in The Lesbian Songbook.

June 26–27, 2024
178 2nd Ave, NY, NY 10003

Once upon a time, Matthew Brookshire wrote music for Sesame Street. Now the singer-songwriter is performing an autobiographical one-person show on growing up gay in a Methodist community in North Carolina in the 1990s. Brookshire shares memories and sings songs by influential voices such as Tracy Chapman, boygenius, and the Indigo Girls (a folk-rock duo who grew up Protestant in the South). “While developing this show, I never expected we’d hear ‘Closer to Fine’ in a movie about Barbie, or that Melissa Etheridge would perform on Broadway,” says Brookshire. A combination of humor and heartbreak, The Lesbian Songbook is the perfect show to celebrate Pride. —Jeanne Malle

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