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Photo: Sean Fennessy (Johnson)

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With her portfolio of high-end residential and hospitality projects around the world, Australian interior designer Tamsin Johnson is recognized for a one-of-a-kind aesthetic she distills down to “tactful disharmony.” The style—which blends far-flung antiques with sophisticated custom pieces and unexpected, bold elements—is documented in a newly published coffee-table book, Tamsin Johnson: Spaces for Living. And it’s an alluring mix that Johnson, who is married to the extolled men’s-wear tailor Patrick “P.” Johnson, further embodies in her own sartorial choices. Herewith, the items that currently add panache to the taste-maker’s everyday routine



The Dimitri Sweater



Soho 2022 Leather-Bound Diary

My Favorite Things

Jessica Diehl—fashion stylist and brand consultant—has made her mark on everything from magazine covers to billboards. Today, the former Vanity Fair Creative Director, an AIR MAIL Editor at Large, juggles her ongoing styling and brand consulting with megawatt entrepreneurial endeavors. As co-founder of both the Diehl/Moneypenny Group management agency and the Style Channel, a visually driven streaming service launching in 2022, Diehl somehow makes it all look easy. Herewith, she shares the items that will carry her through her evening ritual and into the fall season ahead

Photo: Carter Smith (Wells)

My Favorite Things

In addition to innumerable accolades over a storied and evolving career, Linda Wells, the founding editor of Allure magazine, has earned a reputation for providing her honest take on everything from fashion to business. It’s a quality that’s long endeared her to legions of loyal readers—and, since the founding of her own beauty brand, Flesh, to customers as well. This week, Wells brings that unmatched beauty expertise to AIR MAIL with a collection of her favorites. Herewith, she highlights her go-to sunscreen (“I start the day with this and an iced coffee”) and lash ritual (“These products truly made my lashes longer in about a month”). Plus, she recommends a face treatment that “helps the body’s own stem cells kick into action” alongside a hair tonic that transports one to “the Amalfi Coast in July”

Photo: Xavi Menós (Rockefeller)

My Favorite Things

Indré Rockefeller understands that her lifelong passion for international travel comes at the expense of her commitment to environmentalism. This reckoning—partly informed by her burgeoning career in fashion—led her in 2016 to co-found Paravel, the travel-accessories brand with an eye toward sustainability. But it wasn’t until early 2018, during an expedition to Antarctica with the Nature Conservancy, that Rockefeller fully recognized “the narrow window of time we had to mitigate some of the worst effects of climate change” and vowed to make protecting the environment her company’s top priority. As a result, Paravel is the first 100 percent sustainable travel brand, and is Climate Neutral–certified. Herewith, she spotlights four eco-friendly items

Superga Club S Organic-Cotton Sneakers

Photo: @instagram/paulfeig (Feig)

My Favorite Things

Hollywood writer, filmmaker, and lifelong Anglophile Paul Feig has honed an unmistakable, rather formal aesthetic over the course of his career. Though partial to a bespoke suit and tie, the Bridesmaids director and producer brandishes an edgier side, with a penchant for macabre jewelry. (“I love wearing skulls because they remind me to live each day to the fullest,” he says.) Feig is also a true aficionado of well-crafted, gin-based cocktails, a fondness so pronounced that he spent several decades trying to locate the perfect version of the spirit, ultimately developing his very own brand. Herewith, the items that occupy his attention of late

Spiritual Beads Skull Bracelet in 18-Karat Gold

Photo: Katie McCurdy (Nguyen)

My Favorite Things

Stylist Beverly Nguyen made waves among a set of fashionable downtown New Yorkers this spring when she unveiled her jewel-box, pop-up specialty-homewares store, Beverly’s NYC, on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. It didn’t take long, however, for Nguyen’s curation of affordable yet covet-worthy staples—dish towels, glassware, cooking utensils, even an eponymous olive oil sourced from a family-owned orchard in Santa Ynez, California—to catch on in larger circles. Which is why it made sense for the brick-and-mortar retail concept to broaden its horizons a bit farther uptown, bringing with it a certain cachet to a space at Rockefeller Center. “Often, planning a trip can be more satisfying and fantastical than the actual vacation itself,” says Nguyen of her ultimate packing list. “Travel requirements would be water, cooking over an open fire, diamonds, and champagne!”

My Favorite Things

It comes as little surprise that Danish supermodel Helena Christensen is quite comfortable around cameras. And though she is most recognized for her work in front of the lens, her passion for photography as an art form is perhaps less known. “I’m a huge lover of photography and especially documentary-style visuals,” says the AIR MAIL Editor at Large. So, naturally, when Christensen mused on her favorite items of the moment, she included a mini instant camera. “Polaroids are so instant, cool, and great to bring along to parties or on vacation,” she says, “and you can make little beautiful books full of photos to give away as presents.” Herewith, her camera selection and a few other must-haves



Rugged Twill Rolling 4-Wheel Carry-On

Photo: Helene Sandberg (Saltzman)

My Favorite Things

“I think we all need to buy less, buy better,” says Elizabeth Saltzman, acclaimed Hollywood stylist to the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Saoirse Ronan. These days, the veteran fashion editor and certified taste-maker thinks outside the box when choosing gifts for close friends and colleagues, looking to organizations such as Tree Love, which plants indigenous trees in a recipient’s name in the Amazon’s Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor. (“I’m obsessed,” she shares of the ecological outfit.) “When I do shop,” the AIR MAIL Editor at Large adds, “these are a few of my favorite go-to things”

Apex Long-Length Recycled Swim Shorts



Q2 Monochrom Digital Camera

Photo: Annie Tritt/The New York Times/Redux (Fulk)

My Favorite Things

“I live a peripatetic life, and wouldn’t have it any other way,” says the globe-trotting designer Ken Fulk, “so traveling with style and ease has become a quest.” Indeed, the aesthetic magic-maker has established a reputation for crafting fabulous yet comfortable “homes away from home” for fellow adventurers. And with each project he never fails to surprise, thanks to his dazzling palette and signature flair. Case in point: his latest mandate, a 56,000-square-foot private club in Boston, the ’Quin House, opening this month. Herewith, the items—both large and small—that help Fulk (and his pack of beloved pups) keep moving in style

My Favorite Things

Despite her knack for dressing impeccably, Kate Reardon, the British journalist and editor of The Times’s luxury magazine, Luxx, appreciated the lull in sartorial consumption that accompanied the pandemic. But now, as with many of us, the former editor of Tatler is ready once again to run for the till. “After a year of not buying anything and not missing a stitch of it, now that I’m back,” says the AIR MAIL Editor at Large, “I find myself craving newness, gazing at people who are better dressed than me, and saying a cheery ‘What ho!’ to cupidity.” Herewith, the four pieces that signal her welcomed re-entry

Photo: Charles Hopkinson/Camera Press/Redux

My Favorite Things

What is it about Anjelica Huston that demands our uninterrupted attention? Well, her inimitable style, for one thing. The actress, filmmaker, sculptor, and AIR MAIL Editor at Large, who next appears in Wes Anderson’s highly anticipated new film, The French Dispatch, has been thinking a lot about “easing out of the pandemic and into summer,” she says. Herewith, the items she’s taking with her



Gommino Patent-Leather Loafers



1988 Champagne

My Favorite Things

“This is my pick of the British pops,” says Rachel Johnson of her selection du jour. Which is fitting for the AIR MAIL columnist, author, and presenter, who hosts a weekly show on the LBC talk-radio station and a podcast, Rachel Johnson’s Difficult Women. Indeed, the former editor of The Lady has long been regarded as a master of quintessential English style. Herewith, Johnson’s shopping list of the moment



Hanover Leather Scrabble Set



Penny Striped Cotton Blouse

Photo: David Needleman (Tyrnauer)

My Favorite Things

Award-winning writer, journalist, and director Matt Tyrnauer is accustomed to doing things his own way, and much like the subjects who have gained his creative attention, he has set himself apart with a singular style. From Valentino: The Last Emperor to Studio 54, the AIR MAIL Editor at Large’s documentaries have underscored his appreciation for one-of-a-kind people, places, and things. To that end, Tyrnauer spotlights the items that speak to his personal aesthetic, from a bespoke suit with “notched lapels—heresy—and belt loops—not done,” he says, to personalized towels “in cerulean blue, with three initials in monogram style No. 2061, a thin sans serif”



Hi-Print 2 x 3 Pocket Photo Printer



Mood Silver-Plated 24-Piece Flatware Set

Photo: James Harvey-Kelly (Hall)

My Favorite Things

Several years ago, artist, decorator, and now columnist Luke Edward Hall established his perch in the unsteady landscape of rising-star designers. Even those unfamiliar with his novel-ready name have likely encountered Hall’s illustrations of classical figures and architectural details, often awash in shades of pink and green. Hall—whose work has been featured in interiors, fashion, and hospitality around the globe—can be found this September alongside his latest creations at the Armory Show, in New York City, and at Art Basel in Switzerland. Herewith, he shares the items that have his attention right now

Photo: Ian Audifferen (Ogunnaike)

My Favorite Things

With her recently launched podcast, Well Suited, AIR MAIL Editor at Large Lola Ogunnaike, in her words, “takes a deep dive into the minds of the most stylish people on the planet.” In doing so, the award-winning journalist proves that her style commentary is just as on point as the pop-culture reporting for which she is best known. Herewith, Ogunnaike spotlights what she is loving right now

Photo: Douglas Friedman (Gubelmann)

My Favorite Things

New York City social fixture Marjorie Gubelmann—otherwise known as D.J. Mad Marj—maintains a place in fashion-show front rows and charitable circles alike. And without fail, whenever she is found performing, the only thing more inspired than her playlist is her pitch-perfect ensemble. “If you are a vaccinista on a trip, a houseguest, or having a virtual meetup,” the AIR MAIL Editor at Large says of her summertime selections, “You can’t go wrong with any of these items”



GripTight Mount Pro for Tablets

Photo: Hero Bean Stevenson (David)

My Favorite Things

“If I were a Sim character or cartoon, this would be my outfit,” says writer and actress Cazzie David of her sartorial selections of the day. Such imagination is also reflected in David’s smart, inventive writing—which encompasses everything from chronicling TikTok’s misplaced morals to quarantining with her famously idiosyncratic father, Larry. Following the publication of her recent book, No One Asked for This: Essays, the AIR MAIL columnist takes a moment to share her wardrobe wish list



90s High-Rise Loose Jeans



UV Clear Facial Sunscreen S.P.F. 46

Photo: Andi Teran (Robertson)

My Favorite Things

Hamish Robertson, an English-born artist and photographer currently based in Los Angeles, spent a decade working as an editor in New York before settling into his passion full-time. Which explains the markedly editorial eye he brings to both his work and personal style. “As an Englishman in Los Angeles, I’ve spent the locked-down year committing numerous elastic-waisted crimes,” Robertson says of his selection, “while longing for autumn strolls around London with my Leica in this sweatpants-free ensemble.”



Aasti Cotton-Linen Chore Jacket



Diamond-Print Cotton Pocket-Square

Photo: Olivier (Eagle)

My Favorite Things

Describing a cashmere cricket jumper from her clothing line, Alex Eagle uses words such as “fun,” “iconic,” and “beautiful.” These terms are equally applicable to Eagle herself, with her burgeoning lifestyle brand, which comprises a namesake flagship in London as well as outposts at Soho Farmhouse and in Berlin. Ever in motion, Eagle is currently making waves in the interiors realm, thanks to Eagle & Hodges, her new fabric-furniture-and-decorating firm. And in a stunning book, More than Just a House, published by Rizzoli last fall, she chronicles the private worlds of taste-makers (and her close friends) ranging from David de Rothschild to AIR MAIL Editor at Large Marie-Louise Sciò. Herewith, Eagle says, “I put together my dream summer-travel outfit.”



Frank Pleated Shirt

Photo: Christopher Wray McCann (Ahluwalia)

My Favorite Things

A true multi-hyphenate—well before the term was thrown about willy-nilly—Waris Ahluwalia has an enviable talent for not only making beautiful things of his own but also for spotting taste elsewhere. A style icon and social fixture on both coasts, Ahluwalia, alongside his collaboration-rich brand, House of Waris Botanicals, has made waves from film and fashion to hospitality. (His line of moreish herbal teas is sold out of his cozy storefront in N.Y.C.’s Chelsea neighborhood.) But it is his work with nonprofits, such as Elephant Family, of which he’s most proud. Herewith, the items Ahluwalia is loving right now

Meisterstuck Solitaire Doue Fountain Pen

Photo: Silvia Rivoltella (Moran and Salci)

My Favorite Things

Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran, the mastermind duo behind Milan-based design firm Dimorestudio have no shortage of buzzy projects afoot. Case in point: the recently unveiled Browns flagship on Brook Street in Mayfair. Inside, the bright, elevated space typifies the couple’s knack for mixing objects, art, and architecture in a way that sticks in the mind like an inspired film. Herewith, Salci, an AIR MAIL Editor at Large, and Moran highlight four new items that have won their focus

Raf Simons


Distressed Oversized F-Patch Jumper

Photo: Matthias Vriens (Eisner)

My Favorite Things

When it comes to having a singular aesthetic, there’s perhaps nobody quite like Lisa Eisner. The jewelry designer, photographer, and book publisher has a gift for binding her passions to unlike influences—and with stunning results. From her native Wyoming to the fashion-editorial enclaves of New York and Paris, to a breezy, insider’s L.A., where she resides, Eisner’s environments inform her style in enchanting ways. Herewith, the AIR MAIL Editor at Large shares the items that have her thinking about life “post-Covid,” she says, “when you still can’t get out of your comfs.”



CCF Lightweight Quilted Jacket

Tom Ford


Velvet-Trimmed Stretch-Silk Satin Pants



Flatform Universal Sandal

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images (Coppola)

My Favorite Things

Academy Award–winning filmmaker Sofia Coppola, the auteur behind everything from Lost in Translation to The Virgin Suicides, has honed a dreamy trademark style. That inimitable aesthetic follows her off-screen and into real life, where she’s surrounded by a family of fellow world-class artists and—as her eponymous brand implies—wine-lovers. Herewith, the On the Rocks director’s leading indulgences of the moment



Monterey County Rosé

Photo: courtesy of Colby Mugrabi (Mugrabi)

My Favorite Things

It didn’t take long for AIR MAIL Editor at Large Colby Mugrabi to turn Minnie Muse into an indispensable site that catalogues and connects the worlds of art, fashion, and design. Which also means that she’s a natural, in-demand, well, muse for leaders and top-tier brands across the same rarefied worlds her platform covers. Herewith, Mugrabi invites us to have a look at some of the things that currently inspire her

Photo: @instagram/mrjoezee (Zee)

My Favorite Things

AIR MAIL Editor at Large Joe Zee—the charismatic fashion stylist, journalist, and producer—has piloted brands such as W, Elle, and Yahoo Style on ascendant journeys, thanks, in large part, to his exceptional eye. So it was only natural for AIR MAIL to call on Zee to share his top picks of the moment. Herewith, “some things that definitely helped me through a pandemic year,” he says of his selection, “but all things I will also use and love post-pandemic!”

Musui-Kamado Cast Iron Induction Cooker

x The Standard Blood-Orange CBD Gumdrops

Photo: @instagram/lolaarrivabene

My Favorite Things

As the co-founder and creative director of ViBi Venezia—the brand of elevated Venetian-style slippers with down-to-earth prices—AIR MAIL Editor at Large Viola Arrivabene is an online-fashion connoisseur. Add to that her post as special-projects guru for creative beehives Spring Studios and Spring Place, and you have a veritable taste-maker. Herewith, Arrivabene takes us on a tour of her current top picks



The Henry Lounge Set

Photo: Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

My Favorite Things

Hollywood screenwriter, producer, and director Mitch Glazer is acclaimed for more than his indelible contributions to film and TV. Indeed—alongside his wife, actress Kelly Lynch—he is well known for having a keen sense of style. (Case in point: the two California masterpiece houses the couple lovingly occupy, one designed by John Lautner and the other by Richard Neutra.) Herewith, Glazer spotlights the items that have his attention right now



Vintage GMT-Master 1675

Photos: @instagram/princesssummerfall; Sharif Hamza (Dexter-Jones)

My Favorite Things

“I would go anywhere and everywhere with just these items and want for nothing,” says actress and AIR MAIL Editor at Large Annabelle Dexter-Jones, an established bellwether of fashion. Herewith, the London-born New Yorker—who most recently was a guest star on HBO’s Succession—offers up the favorites that currently top her packing list



The Charmaine Dress

Photo: WireImage/Getty Images

My Favorite Things

Having spent 20 years amplifying the careers of many of the music industry’s brightest stars, AIR MAIL Editor at Large Chris Chambers knows precisely what it takes to make a hit. And as the founder of world-class public-relations firm the Chamber Group, he continues to use that savvy to deliver elevated campaigns for a roster of blue-chip clients. Herewith, Chambers shares some of the items that have won his discerning attention of late

Photo: Kip Rano/Shutterstock (Hollywood)

My Favorite Things

AIR MAIL Editor at Large Bronwen Carter may be from the East Coast, but nowadays, working in comedy development at HBO, she is equally familiar with Hollywood style. This bi-coastal mindset informs an easy yet sophisticated fashion palate. Herewith, the staples that top Carter’s list of the moment



Original Straight-Leg Jeans

Photos: @instagram/alice_bb; Jane McLeish-Kelsey (Brudenell-Bruce)

My Favorite Things

AIR MAIL Editor at Large Alice B-B has long navigated the worlds of travel, interiors, beauty, and fashion with the swift proficiency of a native. Which is why it comes as little surprise that her treasured pieces of the moment—from miracle supplements and salves to the perfect post-lockdown-party plates—are so varied and winsome



La Savane Dinner Plate



Supplement Starter Kit

Photos: Hotel Il Pellicano (pool); Laura Jacobs Sciacovelli (Scio)

My Favorite Things

As the proprietor of Pellicano Hotels, AIR MAIL Editor at Large Marie-Louise Sciò maintains the type of rarefied style-maven status that few others can. Under her watch, the smallest details are lavished with the utmost attention, commingling to create an inimitable aura. Case in point: Sciò’s latest endeavor—elegant online marketplace Issimo. Herewith, the items she’s loving right now



Garden Party Cloth Tote

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