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Photo: Atisha Paulson (Avillez)

My Favorite Things

Joana Avillez grew up doodling alongside her father, the late artist Martim Avillez. Now, in her thirties, the New York-bred, Rhode Island School of Design-trained author and illustrator has caught the attention of everyone from Hermès to the New Yorker and the Museum of Modern Art, thanks to her signature whimsical sketches. Below, Avillez shares the items that she keeps on hand in her Tribeca loft

Alexandre de Paris


Timeless Les Classiques Hair Pin

“The French twist is my favorite way to wear my hair. Out of your eyes, conical, and twirled up like cotton candy. It also makes me think of Carlotta Valdes in Vertigo, which gives me chills.”

Conserva de Cambados


Barnacles in Brine

“Before Hot Girls Eat Tinned Fish became a movement, I was already on the ship’s deck scarfing salty crustaceans. I grew up in a fish market with a Portuguese father, and my family is from Asturias, the Percebes (AKA Gooseneck Barnacle) capital of the world.”



Juliet Leather Ballet Shoe

“Real ballerina ballet shoes make the best house slippers. It’s like being barefoot but so much more elegant. I’ve accidentally worn them out to the deli, where I just know everyone thought I was an off-duty dancer!”



Touch Knife

“These wee knives are fantastic. I use them for everything studio-, kitchen-, and office-related.”

Vladimir Nabokov


Letters to Véra

“I keep this compendium by my bedside and open it to a random page every once in a while. Nabokov’s wife, Véra, burned all of her responses, the absence of which hovers across each page like low-lying smoke. It is known that she typed and edited his books, leading us to wonder, of course, if all her words are actually gone …”



T-Bar, Red

“I am obsessed with dressing my one-year-old son. These T-bar shoes are Mary Jane-adjacent and look phenomenal with just a diaper.”



Vintage AW 1988 Coat

“Revealing my vintage source is quite painful, like telling everyone about a secret beach, but this Paris-based shop is my favorite on the web. I don’t know how or where the owner, Erika Tarbouriech, finds the pieces, but each one feels miraculous.”



2342 Dusting Brush

“Draw, draw, draw, erase. This dusting brush is not just some twee prop! It is one of my most essential tools while making an illustration, keeping my paper safe from looming, smudgy, oily fingers.”




“There’s nothing else to say other than these Italian tank tops don’t whisper and coo breathlessly for themselves.”

Tove Jansson


Moomin Deluxe: Volume One

“This is an anvil of perfection. I like to read a little bit before bed and am perpetually decimated by its genius. Tove Jansson’s comics, writing, books, paintings, and brain are, in my estimation, the peak of everything.”

Photo: Christopher Michel (Prager)

My Favorite Things

Days after seeing a William Eggleston show at the Getty Museum in the early 2000s, Alex Prager, then 21, taught herself how to use a Nikon N90s. Two decades later, the celebrated Angeleno’s oeuvre—with its cinematic, Old Hollywood-inspired streak—encompasses photography, sculpture, and film, as seen in Lehmann Maupin’s New York exhibition Part Two: Run. Below, Prager shares her display-worthy items of choice



Geranium Hand and Body Lotion

“I’m not the kind of person who wears perfume much; my scents have to smell really natural as though the flower was seduced directly off the vine into the bottle. This smells just like that.”



The RS02 Sneaker

“These sneakers are my go-to. I wear them on set, sailing, gardening… They’re leather-free and breathable. I got the same pair for my husband, and he wears them nearly every day.”



Odor Removing Candle with Basil

“My friend got me this candle and loved it so much that she decided to keep it for herself. This was revealed to me one evening at her house and I commented on how much I liked the scent. I bought one for myself the next morning.”



The Slipper/Shoe from Friuli, Italy

“I have a pair I wear in the house and a pair I wear around town. They’re best when walking on cobblestones because they give you a little foot massage. Rimbaud used to wear these exact ones.”

Brooklyn Bicycle Co.


Nantucket Cisco Madaket Creel Basket

“I ride my bicycle most places and like to stop in little shops, so I have a basket on the front and back. The rattan ones are best because they look so charming and do the same thing as ugly metal ones.”

Brian Eno


A Year with Swollen Appendices

“My friend Daniel told me about a quote in this book that I loved so much that I bought the book. The whole book is full of wisdom and poetry of observation.”


From $12.00

No. 55 Mint Tea

And what’s a good book without a nice hot cup of tea? Mint is the best because it tastes delicious but also has the medicinal benefit of settling the stomach. I like to put honey and milk in mine when I’m feeling especially cozy.”

Alex Eagle


The 180 Bodysuit

“I love this bodysuit because it’s comfortable and makes me feel like Brigitte Bardot in the late 1950s.”



Luggage Tag in Walnut

“I always have a special luggage tag so I can spot my luggage easily from any baggage claim.”



The Kids Charley Smile Shirt

My son Francis loves this T-shirt.”

Photo: Leon Prost (Castor)

My Favorite Things

Louis-Géraud Castor, who studied archeology and art history at the Sorbonne before becoming an antiques dealer, may not have planned to become the French fashion world’s preeminent florist, but when he traded Art Deco designs for his own subtly striking seasonal bouquets—which he arranges out of a Marais studio—in 2017, he quickly caught the attention of the likes of Chanel, Hermès, and Prada. Here, the born-and-bred Parisian reveals his must-haves, from a Dali-esque objet to the candle he lights up at home



Frances Elkins: Visionary American Designer

“I’m really looking forward to this book’s release this spring. A very inspiring woman and successful decorator, Frances Elkins was ahead of her time.”



IIIx Compact Camera

“Because it’s so classy.”



Original Compact

“I just need this Rimowa suitcase…”



Vintage Magnifying Glass

“This Hermès magnifying glass reminds me of Dali’s magnifying glass. I love Dali.”



Case Fair Isle Dog Sweater

“A jumper for my dog, Franklin, whom we adopted a few years ago.”



Wellington Boot Squeaker Pet Toy

“And a toy for him too.”



Go Travel Set

“For my travels, obviously.”



2023 Soho Cosmic Travel Agenda in Panama

“Because 2023 is going to be COSMIC!”



Down Cruiser Jacket

“I like the series Yellowstone a lot. This jacket makes me think of Kevin Costner as John Dutton.”



Neige Candle

“Snow, sparks, mosses, flame burning in the fireplace… Diptyque imprints the smell of all these strong memories and brings back the emotions associated with them.”

Photo: Emma Marie Jenkinson (Prounis)

My Favorite Things

It’s easy to mistake Jean Prounis’s hand-wrought jewelry for pieces displayed in the Met Museum’s Greco-Roman gallery—and with good reason: since 2017, the New York-based designer, who has found endless inspiration in decorative artifacts, has used ancient gold-smithing techniques to craft her signature recycled 22-karat band rings and precious gemstone pendant necklaces. Below, Prounis shares her everyday essentials—both old and new

Medusa’s Heirlooms


Medium French Jaw Clip

“I live a block from Bigelow and visit frequently, so my hair clip collection “runneth over” so to say… They have the best clips, even for thick locks.”

Costa Brazil


Bath Salt

“My bath has never smelled so good! All of the Costa products are incredible. My small tub immediately transforms into a sublime onsen spa—closed eyes required.”

Aldo Leopold


A Sand County Almanac: And Sketches Here and There

“Read it all the way through or read it here and there… A beautifully written collection of nature observations by Aldo Leopold from 1949. I keep it on my bedside as a reminder to approach each day with a similar lens.”



Bouquets of Vetiver Roots

“I take scents and self-care seriously and keep bouquets of vetiver roots in my shower and closets. The lofting smell brings me comfort throughout the seasons.”

Cire Trudon


Cyrnos Classic Candle

“You can tell how many of these candles I’ve gone through based on the number of pen holders in my office… The green glass canister makes for a very chic desk caddy of sorts. An incentive to scent up any and all rooms.”

Pascal Agrapart


Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut Grand Cru ‘Mineral’ 2014

“If you see this champagne, grab it! Agrapart is the icon of my winter celebrations. My dear friends at Alder & Co. introduced me to it and I haven’t strayed since.”



Fortuny Crimson Red and Gold Pillows

“I’ve been collecting Fortuny pillows since I first visited their striking store in Venice when I was 12. Sometimes pillow prints can feel dated to me, but Fortuny is forever.”



Log Cabin Quilted Cotton Jacket

“I often wear neutrals, so I like to add a Bode piece to enliven my attire. Everything Emily makes is gold and rooted in history. Her preservation of crafts and silhouettes is an inspiration, to say the least.”

Prounis Jewelry


Small Granulated Boat Shaped Earrings

“These are my daily drivers. I designed them based on ancient boat-shaped jewelry, and I haven’t gotten off the ship since.”

Louis Vuitton


Keepall Leather Travel Bag

“Ah, green, especially this green! There is nothing like a pre-loved Epi duffel. When not using it to travel, I store toilet paper inside to keep the rolls out of sight in my closet.”

Photo: Evan Sung (Carone)

My Favorite Things

When it comes to Manhattan’s see-and-be-seen spots, few names are more known than that of Kyle Hotchkiss Carone, the young restaurateur and man-about-town behind American Bar, Saint Theo’s, the revived Lambs Club, and, most recently, Holiday Bar, where martinis and seafood are served in a decadent, 80s-inspired setting (mirrored walls, tubular banquettes, and all). Here, Hotchkiss Carone shares his must-haves, from crystal glassware to the vintage cookbook that inspires him most

Serax x Ann Demeulemeester


Handmade Grace Glassware, Set of 4

“We use a lot of the Ann Demeulemeester x Serax glassware at Holiday Bar. For my home, I love the short tumblers for wine (sacrilege, I know).”



Sea Island Solid T-Shirt

“This is the staple of all staples. No matter what the outfit is, there’s always a white Sunspel T-shirt underneath.”

Dr. Lara Devgan


Hyaluronic Serum

“I once explained to Dr. Devgan that I am extremely lazy about skin care, so she had to pick just one product for me to use every day. This is what she chose. Now, if I don’t have it on my face, I’m convinced everyone is looking at my dry skin.”

Wolfgang Puck


Wolfgang Puck Cookbook: Recipes from Spago, Chinois and Points East and West

“I don’t love to cook, but I love cookbooks. Since I am not a chef, it’s where a lot of the ideas come from for new restaurant concepts. Wolfgang Puck is my favorite. This book—which incorporates recipes from Spago, Chinois on Main, and more—is perfectly dated in the best way.”

Ettore Sottsass for Memphis Milano


Lettuce White Ceramic Dinner Plate

“I collect a lot of Memphis Milano designs. These Ettore Sottsass plates are great to hang for a subtle hit of postmodernism.”

Isabel Marant


Jack Five-Pocket Jeans

“I am always trying new denim in search of the right cut, especially for someone my height (6’6!). I finally landed on this pair from Isabel Marant.”

Studio Nicholson


Orange Fisherman’s Sweater

“I love an oversized knit. I buy the biggest size they make and wear it like a blanket.”

Alex Katz

Price Upon Request

Pas de Deux I

“This suite of Alex Katz prints from the early 90s depicts iconic New York art couples. We have all five of them hanging at Holiday Bar.”

Adidas x Wales Bonner


Track Pants

“I try to avoid too many external meetings during the day, which allows me to have a daytime uniform comprised of Adidas track pants and a hoodie. The Wales Bonner x Adidas collaboration is a favorite.”



Orange Zero, Pack of 20

“I hate water. This is what I drink all day long.”

Photo: Kam Boufelfel (Boufelfel)

My Favorite Things

As the woman behind Desert Vintage—whose Tucson and Lower East Side boutiques have become sartorial meccas for discerning designers such as Emily Bode and Sophie Buhai—Salima Boufelfel is no stranger to hunting down singular and strikingly unusual finds, be it a 1930s gilded cape or a Madame Grés bias-cut dress from the 1970s. Here, the Arizona native shares more of her choice discoveries, from Parisian tea to a traditional Moroccan lip stain

Dammann Frères


Breakfast Loose Tea

“My friend Camille took me into the Dammann tea shop in Paris last summer. It was love at first sight. I especially love their peppermint and chamomile blends.”

The Row


Leather Ballet Flats

“I love the footwear from the Row, and more specifically their flat shoes. I imagine wearing these with silk socks and a wool skirt in the winter.”



Moroccan Lip Stain

“I love these traditional Berber lip stains, which leave a subtle wash of beautiful color. I’m half-North African and remember visiting my aunt who had one of the little pots.”



Nutrition System Juicer

“I have a green juice every morning—it makes me feel awake and vibrant. This is my favorite juicer. I’ve had the same one for six years now!”

Dr. Hauschka


Lip Care Stick

“The best moisturizer for your lips as far as I’m concerned. It’s hard to beat the scent and quality. Plus, the packaging is so beautiful!”



Vintage Moroccan Wool Berber Rug

“I’m on the hunt for a rug for my New York apartment. I love this one for its geometry and warmth.”



2023 Soho Agenda in Panama

“I enjoy making lists—it helps me keep organized in my day-to-day. The Smythson planners are so beautiful. I also love that you can customize them with your initials.”

Prounis Jewelry


Emerald and South Sea Pearl Chime Earrings

“These are my dream earrings. I love everything Prounis creates. The jewelry feels elegant, grounded, substantial, and considered.”

Marc Chagall


The Bible, Paradise Lithograph

Verve is an art publication I collect. My earliest issue dates back to 1925.”

Desert Vintage


Cashmere Shawl

“Our shop stocks a seasonal assortment of cashmere shawls pieced together from vintage sweaters. They are great for travel and everyday wear.”



Black Opera Pumps

“The Bode Opera Pump feels like the shoe that was photographed in Irving Penn’s infamous 1947 Theater Accident. I wear mine with black wool suits and silk stockings.”

Sonia Delaunay


Geometric Design Print

“This Sonia Delaunay plate circa 1925 is deeply inspiring. The composition and colorway resonate with me.”

Photo: Adrianna Glaviano (Prieto)

My Favorite Things

When Rafael Prieto, the cofounder of the design practice Savvy Studio, isn’t working with clients like Mast Books and Saint Theo’s, he can be found crafting Casa Bosques’ chocolate bars—laced with blue corn maize or hoja santa leaves—in collaboration with artists including Harold Ancart and Lawrence Weiner. Here, the chocolatier and creative mind shares his everyday essentials, from the toothpaste he turns to post-sweets to the supplement he swears by while traveling between his Tribeca and Mexico City ateliers



X-T5 Mirrorless Camera

“All the Casa Bosques bars feature photographs from my recent travels, many taken on this beauty.”

Christophe Pourny x Travaux en Cours


Chef’s Apron in Navy

“Chocolate making is a messy business.”

Som Sleep


Zero Sugar 12-Pack

“I do struggle to sleep when traveling. This is truly helpful.”

John Keene


Punks: New & Selected Poems

“I discovered this collection of poems last summer and am constantly rereading it. I’m struck by something totally new and completely beautiful each time.”

Casa Bosques Chocolates


Roasted Cashew Bark Chocolate Bar

“The epitome of a proper chocolate bark, full of slowly roasted jumbo organic cashews embedded in a 74% chocolate.

The best chocolates in the world.”

Rowing Blazers


Ametora Dad Rugby

“A heavy and substantial rugby polo is a staple for me.”



Blue-Stripe Throw

“I always keep a wool throw on my bed in winter. This blue stripe Chatham was a quick favorite.”



Classic Cabin Suitcase

“I’m constantly back and forth between New York, the Mexico City atelier, and our Pensión guest house. I’ve always hated carrying heavy things, and this case is so light and perfect!”

Acca Kappa


Gum Protection Gel Toothpaste

“Lots of chocolates = lots of toothpaste.”

Alex Eagle


The Cashmere Cricket Vest

“I love this classic yet striking vest.”

My Favorite Things

A digital glimpse into a rare reading room, Durga Chew-Bose’s Instagram feed abounds with snapshots of the first-edition cover of Hilton Als’s Women, say, or a page from Jonas Mekas’s A Dance With Fred Astaire, which is among her most treasured possessions, as seen below. Here, the Montreal-based author of Too Much and Not the Mood, who has recently penned essays for MoMA’s Wolfgang Tillmans catalogue and Pace Gallery’s Agnes Martin monograph, shares more of her essentials, from an Indian bar soap to the loafers that suit all sartorial standards



Sandal Soap, Pack of 5

“Growing up, I imagined all linen closets smelled like sandalwood. Whenever my mother would return from Kolkata, her suitcase would have bars of Mysore soap. I asked Farrar, Straus and Giroux to try to replicate the Mysore rose for my book’s title page.”



Pembrey 5W Leather Loafers

“I have a couple pairs of these loafers, which meet every pant length with approval. They are the most compatible shoe.”

Jonas Mekas


A Dance with Fred Astaire

“This book reads like a Filofax. Or like a catch-all with photos and letters and very funny anecdotes. There are memories of Anaïs Nin, Andy Warhol, Andrew Sarris, Joan Crawford, Maya Deren, and so many others. I love the parts that mention Jonas’s daughter, Oona.”



Picasso Playing Cards

“A good small gift option that feels personal and uncomplicated. Playing solitaire with a deck that’s illustrated with a still life is so satisfying. This Picasso one is very playful.”

Dr. PawPaw


Multipurpose Balm

“I have tubes of this in every drawer, bag, and jacket pocket. It does the trick!”

Jamaica Kincaid


Talk Stories

“Fun, sharp, wonderfully sneaky and absorbing, Kincaid’s ‘Talk of the Town’ pieces are a clinic in tone and spirited accuracy. Her sensitivity to mannerisms makes for such a pleasing reading experience. I love a clear snapshot. I love a confessional mood that isn’t too profound.”

The Row


Banana Leather Shoulder Bag

“I go on long walks with my son (in his stroller) every day. I’m never thinking about this bag when I wear it. Having one less thing to think about is my version of well-being.”



Tack-It Adhesive Putty

“The photographer Marcelo Gomes suggested I use this putty because it doesn’t leave a mark. I recently used my Tack-It to put Luigi Ghirri postcards on a wall in my son’s playroom.”

Photo: Francois Dischinger (Bargo)

My Favorite Things

Sought out by New York’s most discerning aesthetes, Michael Bargo has become known for expertly marrying midcentury collectibles with lesser-known contemporary finds. Here, the interior designer and dealer shares the pieces with which he’d never part, from a mother-of-pearl caviar set to the black-glass candle that fills his downtown apartment-turned-gallery with inviting notes of cedar and sandalwood



Silver-Plated Champagne Tumbler

“These tumblers are the perfect size for sipping champagne with friends—and the silver keeps them cold longer. There’s absolutely nothing better than ice-cold champagne.”



Brut Réserve Champagne

“I first discovered Billecart years ago while staying at the Sunset Tower. It’s now my favorite and go-to champagne.”



2023 Portobello Agenda in Panama

“Day to day, if I don’t physically write it down, it’s very hard for me to remember.”

Lorenzi Milano


Mother-of-Pearl Caviar Set

“I don’t cook, so my go-to at-home entertaining meal always includes caviar. Not the most practical, but it’s easy and there’s never a complaint…”



Dualit Toaster

“I’ve had one of these toasters since college. Toast every morning. Toast on special evenings with caviar…”


From $45.00

Tree House Candle

“I love the Tree House candle. It’s musky and perfect.”



Essential Cabin Suitcase

“This carry-on is the perfect size and can take a serious beating.”



Midweight Traditional Crew Socks

“I wear these socks every day with boots or sneakers.”

Photo: Alina Asmus (Namoda)

My Favorite Things

Born in Maputo, Mozambique, Cassi Namoda lived in Indonesia, Kenya, Haiti, Benin, and Uganda—all before completing high school. Now, based between Manhattan and the Berkshires, the young artist, who’s worked for the fashion designer Maryam Nassir Zadeh and collaborated with the likes of J. Crew and Catbird, has become known for ensembles that are nearly as alluring as her fantastical paintings. Here, she highlights her favorite international finds, from French oil paints to Austrian bath salts



Great Women Artists

“I love Katy Hessel and her podcast, The Great Women Artists. This is a nice book for anyone’s collection.”

Susanne Kaufmann


St. John’s Wort Bath Salts

“Everything Susanne Kaufmann does is magic, from her body serum to bath oils. I’m very serious when it comes to the bath.”



Fine Artists’ Oil Paints in Softer Blues

“I love Charvin paints. They are my dream find from my time in the South of France.”



Montreux Comforter

“I recently bought a house in the Berkshires, which is known for quite cold winters. This comforter makes me excited to snuggle in bed.”



Hermèsistible Infused Lip Care Oil

“I’m really into a nice sparkle gloss on my lips this season. Hermès does it for me.”

Victor Costa


Vintage Embellished Black Velvet Jacket

“Holiday parties always call for a fun embellishment. Etsy is usually where I turn to for festive looks.”

Patek Philippe


Women’s Stainless Steel Watch

“Checking the time inherently leads me to opening up my phone. I am trying to get better about not being on it so much throughout the day so as to have more quality time with work, amongst other things.”



1991 Grand Vintage Single Malt Scotch Whiskey

“It’s important to have some vintage bottles in your house for those special evenings with friends and family. Life should be celebratory. My father’s heritage is Scottish, so I tend to like whiskey as a special treat.”

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