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Photo: Alex Welsh/The New York Times/Redux (Prince)

My Favorite Things

British-born American journalist Daisy Prince is intimately familiar with the newsmakers, troublemakers, and social mainstays of certain rarefied circles on both sides of the Atlantic. Contributing to publications ranging from Vogue and Town & Country to the Financial Times, she deftly chronicles the rituals, mores, and contradictions of the beau monde. A resident of New York City, Bridgehampton, and Newport, the mother of two also spent years as the editor in chief of Avenue, the magazine of society and social history. Herewith, the AIR MAIL Editor at Large shares the finds that appeal to her most today



GG Linen Canvas Kaftan

“When I was working at London’s ES Magazine, I had an addiction to Net-a-Porter so serious I had their sleek, black bags delivered to the mail room downstairs instead of directly to my office, for fear that my bosses would find out just how much time I spent on the site shopping. This Gucci tunic is something I’d pair with knee-high boots and picture myself wearing in Rome in the 1960s.”

Lisa Marie Fernandez


Balconette High-Waist Padded Bikini

“Fernandez bathing suits have been my go-to for years. I love their fun patterns and flattering retro design, which means that I can actually still wear a bikini after having had two children and eaten lunch.”

Heywood Hill


January Fiction Bundle

“This shop is a book-lover’s paradise. You can easily—and very happily—while away a few hours here looking at their wares. The salespeople have always actually read the books. This new January fiction bundle looks like the perfect thing to settle down with for a long winter ahead.”

Jimmy Choo


Romy 85 Dégradé Pumps

“Harvey Nichols’s buyer seems to know exactly what I’m looking for and what is completely impossible to resist even when I don’t. I usually say I’ll spend just 15 minutes, only to find that two hours later I’m still in their very spacious dressing rooms trying on everything in sight. I hope parties return this year so I can wear these sparkly shoes to them.”



Supergirl Tee

“The women who started Maisonette all have children themselves, and it shows. The site is well-organized, easy to navigate, and fantastic for presents. I have boys, but if I had a girl, I’d definitely dress her in this Supergirl T-shirt.”

Uncrate Supply


Carbon Fiber Poker Set

“My father taught me how to play poker when I was eight years old on family vacations. We used matchsticks for bets until I graduated to quarters. I taught my boys how to play—they’re total sharks—and we play on winter weekends.”



Cabin Suitcase

“In terms of improving quality of life when you travel, Rimowa suitcases are the golden ticket. The lozenge-like carriers roll so gently that you barely have to push them, and they seem to perfectly flatten and fit whatever you pack. We have four in the family, and I’m thinking of adding more.”

Del Toro


Black Velvet Slipper II

“A good evening slipper is an essential evening addition, conjuring up images of cozy fires and handsome men drinking aged dark liquors. These are very elegant, and their red stripe is a slash of chic.”

My Favorite Things

If there’s one thing fashion designer Jennifer Zuccarini understands intimately, it’s, well, intimates. Ever since co-founding the cult-favorite lingerie brand Kiki de Montparnasse in 2005, she has been redefining the way many women approach the category. With the introduction of Fleur du Mal, her most recent label, Zuccarini set out to further emphasize elegance and empowerment in the act of both dressing up and undressing. Herewith, the creative visionary highlights a collection of products she loves right now.

Saint Laurent Kensington Over-the-Knee Boots


“I noticed people ​often pick sensible shoes as their favorite thing. I thought I​ ​would go in a different direction​!​ I love a casual look paired with an over-the-knee​ ​boot​.”



18-Karat-Gold Rabbit Shield Charm

“As my team at Fleur knows, I’m a fan of a bunny motif. I’m also a big fan of collecting charms from Foundrae, mostly acquired in the form of gifts from my husband.”

SGHR Sugahara


CYST Glass

“What’s better on a Friday night than a dirty martini served in pink-crystal​ ​glassware?”



Artistique Eyeshadow

“When I’m feeling stressed, I peruse eyeshadow palettes. Looking at color makes​ ​me happy. Surratt has beautiful, rich shades. I love creating my own collection.”

Fleur Du Mal


Unisex Boxer Shorts

“Perfect to sleep or lounge in, and made to be shared.”

Françoise Marquet


Helmut Newton: Work

“I’m continually inspired by the provocative and seductive work of Helmut Newton.”

Fleur Du Mal


Angel-Sleeve Jumpsuit

“If I want to feel glam while relaxing or entertaining at home.”

Fleur Du Mal


Foria Intimacy Bath Salts

“A glass of wine and a handful of CBD-infused bath salts really get me in the​ ​mood to relax.”

The Feelist


Total Package Youth Protecting Serum

A serum with antioxidants that protect against damage from blue light, plus soothing botanicals and hyaluronic acid.

Tom Ford for Men


Bronzing Gel

Tom Ford’s personal-favorite bronzer can be used on the face to mimic a tan. This isn’t a self-tanner and doesn’t turn orange on the skin. Another word for it: makeup.



The Perfect Package

Do I have to spell out what’s in this kit? An electric trimmer, a toner, and an anti-chafing deodorant for a particular part of the body that I prefer not to name, plus a disposable shaving mat. Eww.



Rum Hand + Body Wash

A richly lathering, delicious, slightly sweet-smelling liquid cleanser.

Acqua di Parma


Body Lotion Spray

This spray goes on faster than a traditional lotion, perfect for the busy billionaire. It’s scented with citrus and herbs, just like the Amalfi Coast.



Eau Sauvage Eau de Toilette

This classic citrusy floral smells equally brilliant on a woman.

Photo: Trent Bailey (Atwood)

My Favorite Things

Grace Atwood and her must-have products are a natural fit for AIR SUPPLY. Indeed, the founder of and creative director behind the Stripe, the daily lifestyle site “for the stylish bookworm,” shares a certain aesthetic sensibility with our own shop. Through her flourishing social-media presence and podcast, Bad on Paper, Atwood, who recently relocated to Charleston from Brooklyn, offers up her sharp take on everything from books and travel to wellness and design. Herewith, following the debut of her new blanket collaboration, the Cape Cod native spotlights that cozy new item and more



Squalane + Lactic Acid Resurfacing Night Serum

“This lactic-acid serum is one of my absolute favorite skin-care products. My skin tends toward reptilian this time of year—using this every other night under moisturizer or oil makes a noticeable difference in its texture without causing any redness or irritation.”

Ileana Makri


Crown Earrings in Amethysts and 18-Karat Gold

“Ileana Makri is an Athens-based jewelry designer making stunning pieces inspired by travel and Greek mythology. I love everything she creates, but the Crown collection is particularly special. These earrings would be equally at home at a fancy event or with a white T-shirt and jeans.”



The 90s Pinch-Waist Jeans

“I have had a hard time figuring out what jeans to wear, and these are a new favorite. They fit like a glove, they’re surprisingly comfortable—which is rare for non-stretch denim—and they’re on trend without feeling try-hard. I like to wear mine with boots or a tall pump.”

Jane Hall


Woman Made: Great Women Designers

“This book looks incredible on your coffee table and is packed with great design discoveries from some amazing women, demonstrating that design is not—and never has been!—just a man’s world.”



Face Roller

“This is one of my favorite inexpensive discoveries. Unlike an ice roller, this really targets tight facial muscles, especially along the jawline—providing both tension relief and lymphatic drainage, meaning you look and feel a lot better after just a few minutes.”



Lollipop Ring

“[Retrouvaí founder] Kirsty Stone’s Lollipop collection is somehow classic and playful all at once. The most perfect, special pieces, blending precious and semi-precious stones. I have one with malachite and green tourmaline and thought it would be a special-occasion piece, but I wear it with everything.”

Cara Cara


Blue Hill Dress

“This dress from Cara Cara is everything. The cut looks great on everyone—that neckline—and the forest-green toile is perfection. Wear it with boots for a more casual look, or heels and great jewelry for evening.”

Grace Atwood x ChappyWrap



“ChappyWrap makes what can only be described as the coziest blankets in the world. Perfect for the beach or a picnic, or lazing around my apartment waiting for the pandemic to end.”

My Favorite Things

Since launching her eponymous fashion label, in 2003, Israeli-born Nili Lotan has become renowned for her sophisticated yet highly wearable wardrobe staples. It’s not uncommon for her ardent, vocal fans—a high-octane cohort that includes the likes of Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jennifer Aniston—to unwittingly wear multiple pieces of hers at once, later remarking on her well-crafted, timeless clothing and accessories. Herewith, Lotan—who recently unveiled an editorial section on her Web site, featuring playlists, recipes, and gift guides—offers up her picks of the moment



Cabin Plus Suitcase

“This is my favorite luggage because it’s light and functional, and it’s the perfect carry-on for a quick trip.”

Laura Martínez de Guereñu


Marcel Breuer: Building Global Institutions

“Marcel Breuer’s modernist work has always served as an inspiration for me, which is why I selected the Neumann House as the backdrop for my lookbook shoots over the past few seasons.”

Laurence Brabant


L’Huile de Sisyphe Oil Dispenser

“I grew up near the Mediterranean, so olive oil has always been a staple in the meals I cook for my family. It’s something I use every day, and this dispenser is elegant yet functional.”

Anissa Kermiche


Breast Friend Marble Vase

“Anissa’s designs are modern and feminine. This sculptural vase is the perfect addition to any living room, whether it’s filled with flowers or left on display as is.”



Restorative Hair Mask

“I use this hair mask once a week to keep my curly hair moisturized and under control.”

Editions Gallimard


Betty Catroux, Yves Saint Laurent: Feminine Singular

“This is one of my favorite coffee-table books. I love the classic styles and photos from Betty’s personal collection and from the Yves Saint Laurent Museum exhibition, in Paris.”

Too Faced Cosmetics


Better than Sex Faux Mink Lashes

The vegan, synthetic mink lashes are deliberately imperfect to look intentionally real. They sit on a foam strip that hugs the lashline.




Ten different styles, from subtle (the Cate, favored by Cate Blanchett) to flamboyant (the layered Noor). Some of the lashes mix black and brown hairs for believability.



The Lash Tool

It looks like a cross between a tweezer and an eyelash curler and makes eyelash application somewhat easy. “You can hold the tool without contorting,” says Jenna Lyons.



Brush-On Adhesive

The glue most makeup artists use. Brush it onto the lash strip and wait about 10 seconds before sticking the strip onto the eyelid.



Lash Enhancing Serum

One of the top-selling lash serums and surprisingly effective at making lashes seem longer. Are they actually longer? Many users, including me, say absolutely.

Too Faced Cosmetics


Better than Sex Mascara

The best-selling prestige mascara in the U.S. is extra thick, with a bushy brush and a dark, intense payoff.



Come Hell or High Water Mascara

This water- and smudge-resistant mascara from Wende Zomnir, the founder of Urban Decay cosmetics, surrounds the lashes with polymer tubes. I even wear it swimming.

Photo: Christian Högstedt (Christiansen)

My Favorite Things

Richard Christiansen, founder of the Chandelier Creative agency, leads teams in New York, Los Angeles, and Paris, where they help brands from Hermès and Cartier to Calvin Klein and Nike realize their messaging goals. A native of Australia, Christiansen—who spends much of his spare time tending to his garden and traveling—channeled his passions into the debut of Flamingo Estate, his hilltop idyll in L.A. and the name of his new home-and-garden brand. It’s here that the conservation-minded entrepreneur lives with his dogs, chickens, goats, and bees. Here are a few items of particular interest to him right now

Flamingo Estate


Fridays from the Garden Cookbook

“This book is a testament to a newfound connection to the natural world at a time we need it most. It’s a monument to the pleasures of the Flamingo Estate garden, the people that keep it buzzing, and the myriad ways Mother Nature takes care of us when we take care of her.”



M 10-R Digital Range-Finder Camera

“I took an older version of this camera to Mount Everest, up to the North Pole, and down to the South Pole. My version got banged up, frozen, and crushed—and it still works perfectly. Life needs better photos, and the Leica M 10-R is the best gift for anyone with a good eye.”



Vintage Flame-Resistant Apron

“I’m a big fan of anything with upcycled materials. This apron is made from recycled fabrics held together with thick seams, and has a handy center pocket to stash recipes when I am cooking in the kitchen.”

Flamingo Estate


Limited-Edition Indigo Soap Set

“I think a hot bath is the greatest luxury. So we made these soaps from rare Japanese essential oils: hinoki, hiba, Kitayama sugi, and yakusugi, responsibly sourced from UNESCO-protected cedar forests in Japan, from the limbs of previously cut trees. Each comes hand-wrapped in ukiyo-e woodblock prints from the 17th century.”



Mohair-and-Wool Blanket

“I have a confession: I fall asleep in front of the fire at least once a week. We all need a soft emergency blanket for these situations. This one is perfect.”



Corduroy Games Blazer

“I’m not a fashion person—I’d much rather spend my money on a tree than clothes—but I do like a well-made suit. And since green is my favorite color, this olive corduroy suit from the tailors at Drake’s has my name on it.”

Photo: Billal Taright (Atherton Hanbury)

My Favorite Things

A longtime resident of the U.K., Lily Atherton Hanbury, co-founder of Le Monde Béryl, was born and raised in Virginia, where she was encouraged to pursue her artistic interests from an early age. With a degree in architecture from the University of Pennsylvania, as well as one in gemology, Atherton Hanbury went on to work as a creative consultant, building collections of art, jewelry, and design for brands and private individuals. In 2016, she decided to create her own simple, practical, and elegant shoes, which would carry her “from meetings to museum openings—and everywhere in between.” In addition to its trademark Venetian-gondolier-style slippers, Le Monde Béryl now comprises bespoke jewelry, accessories, and décor. Herewith, Atherton Hanbury showcases her top selects

MV Agusta

Price Upon Request

1954 125 Pullman

“I have been looking for an old motorbike for my son to ride around the paths where we live. This is the one from our dreams.”

Le Monde Béryl


Velvet Mary Janes

“My daughter, Birdie, and I live in our Mary Janes.”

David Webb


Double Tip Nail Ring

“I have an eclectic collection of gold rings that I wear every day and a general obsession with jewelry. This would be perfect next to my Le Monde Béryl gold snake ring that I wear together with a diamond ring by Maison Auclert on my little finger.”



Market Bag

“I have always admired [Métier founder] Melissa Morris’s attention to detail and incredibly thoughtful design. Everything she makes is so sleek and functional and timeless.”

Alex Eagle


The Varsity Jacket

“I love Alex’s curatorial sense of style and her way of perfecting cherished things. I never take this jacket off.”



Lip Chic

“The Chantecailles have been at the forefront of environmentally conscious beauty products since they began, and every product has the most beautiful color, texture, and scent. I love all of it, particularly their red lipstick during the winter.”

Shop Linda’s Regimen

These at-home kits and products are respectable substitutes if you’re not up for a salon visit. And if you’re yearning for the benefits of touch, perhaps you could coerce your child into service. Think of it as vocational training

Olive & June


The Mani System

Includes a clipper, file, buffer, polish remover, cleanup brush, cuticle serum, nail polish, topcoat, and the Poppy manicure tool.

Olive & June


The Poppy

This is the real magic from Olive & June: a rubber bulb that attaches to a nail-polish brush, making it possible to paint with your non-dominant hand without catastrophe.



The Rice Polish: Classic

The cult-favorite exfoliating powder with papaya enzymes becomes creamy with water.

Furtuna Skin


Energia Luminosa Obsidian Gua Sha

A facial-massage tool made of volcanic stone, this increases blood flow to the skin and helps decrease inflammation.



Nutritive Plumping Massage

This thick leave-on moisturizing mask smells like a verdant forest and comes with an applicator brush.



Lip Sleeping Mask

A rich, raspberry-flavored lip goo that relieves chapping overnight.



Custom Hair Color Set

Fill out a questionnaire and upload a photo of yourself and you’ll receive a bottle of custom-mixed hair color, developer, gloves, color sealer, and stain remover, plus a hotline to call if (when?) you screw up.



Root Touch-Up Kit

Permanent gray coverage that looks entirely believable. The kit includes hair color, developer, mixing bowl, gloves, brush, cap, shampoo, and conditioner.

Photo: Isaac Marley Morgan (Goad)

My Favorite Things

Since debuting her eponymous firm, in 2016, British designer Matilda Goad has enjoyed a burgeoning fan base on both sides of the Atlantic, thanks in large part to her eclectic, charming flair. Having found broader success collaborating with boutique fashion houses and interiors brands such as Jamb and Farrow & Ball, Goad also launched an e-commerce shop, with her own products soon making their way to the coveted shelves of Liberty London. And this month, her formative, now signature scallop-edged lampshade celebrates its fifth birthday. To mark the milestone, Goad lets us in on her prized picks of the moment

Tory Burch


Lettuce Ware Cup & Saucer, Set of Two

“My morning coffee is quite sacred, and having it in a cup I love—that is kept warm by adding boiling water first—sets me up the right way for the day.”

Anya Hindmarch


Bespoke Walton Suitcase

“I love the traditionalness of it and the way the red pops against the brown—a great color combo. A super-versatile piece that I could imagine having forever. The bespoke monogramming is also a really nice personal touch.”



Daybreak Gymnastics Shoe

“I’m not a big trainer person but have got very into Nike Daybreaks recently. They’re quite streamlined, which I like, and the color combinations are great!”

Theodora Warre


Large Gold-Plated Hoop Earrings

“Theodora Warre really does do the best hoops. They’re my go-to, and I am rarely without them. I remember a very glamorous older lady once telling me to always wear diamonds or gold around my face, as it brings out your complexion. Good advice, I thought!”

Comme des Garçons


2 Eau de Parfum

“I am always drawn to musky, masculine scents and have worn Comme des Garçons 2 Eau de Parfum since I was 16 years old.”

Augustinus Bader


The Cream

“I was introduced to this cream by a friend last winter, and I haven’t looked back. It is expensive but really does work wonders—particularly great for the harsh English winters.”

ViBi Venezia


Velvet Mary Jane Slippers

“There is something really elegant about velvet, and I love these ViBi Venezia Mary Jane flats with a pair of jeans—they offer an elevated riff on a classic style.”

Matilda Goad


Rainbow Lacquered Ice Bucket

“Every home should have a well-stocked bar, and our lacquered-wood ice buckets serve up a heady dose of color. I like to add lots of Schweppes cans around it.”

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