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Surf City

Ever since the first human rode a wave, surfing has inspired fashion. It represents sunshine, rugged health, and long days—an endless summer spent outdoors. Even if you’ve never been bold enough to get on a board, you can co-opt look without a single wipeout.



Button Up Shirt UPF +50

This may look like a classic button-up shirt but it has a secret: it’s made of a special fabric that blocks 98 percent of UVA and UVB rays. Pop it on over your bikini.



Cinquantasei Bikini

Probably not the best attire for surfing, but excellent for watching other people surf. This has an underwire frame, adjustable straps, and is the color of a verdant garden.

Zinka Sunscreen


Colored Nosecoat

If you’re a real surfer or want to look like one, please apply this colored zinc oxide sunscreen all over your face. The blue is fetching. And the green is charmingly Shrek-like.

La Ligne


Playa Sweater

A spiffed-up version of the Baja hoodie, made of cotton, viscose, and cashmere with a kangaroo pocket. It’s ideal for a beach bonfire.

Roxanne Assoulin


Puka Boo Necklace

Remember the necklace you wore all summer in the 90s? It’s back. According to lore, Hawaiians used to give puka shell necklaces to sailors for good luck on the high seas.

Hello Sunday


The One For Your Lips Lip Balm SPF 50

A clear, strawberry-scented lip balm with serious sun protection, this feels like summer in a tube.

Blue Lizard


Sport Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50+

This is the ideal family sunscreen if your family likes to spend long days bobbing in the water. It smooths on easily and stays put for 90 minutes. Let the price encourage you to reapply liberally.



Surf Proof Waterproof Eyeliner

A long-wearing pencil that glides on smoothly to create a neat, tight line. It’s waterproof, so feel free to wear it surfing.



Shelta Performance Sun Hat

A hat with a UPF of 50+ that you can truly wear swimming or surfing. It stays on your head and has been known to endure even the gnarliest of wipeouts.

Still Here


Jeans with Toggle

Slouchy, cool jeans that feel as easy as sweatpants, these have a tie with a toggle and sit on the hipbones. I love them in white or an unexpected brick red.



Silk Shirt

Take a Hawaiian shirt and make it fashion. This has a clean, minimalist fig leaf pattern in cool crepe de chine. It’s a sophisticate’s idea of beachy.

Sidney Garber


Pearl on a Cord Necklace

I love the contrast of a smooth South Sea pearl with a rugged cord. This could be the elegant cousin of a surfer necklace. Tie it high on the neck like a choker or wear low at the base of the throat.

Lisa Eisner Jewelry


Shark Fin Ring

The cacholong stone set in brass looks like a shark fin. It’s actually a variety of opal that’s believed, quite un-shark-like, to be calming. It has a clean, strong summery look.

Gucci Beauty


Rouge à Lèvres Voile

A creamy lipstick in a dreamy coral shade. Smudge it and it gives a moody Lana del Rey feeling.

Olympia Le-Tan


The Waves Virginia Woolf

A hand-embroidered clutch for the highbrow surfer. Ignore the book’s moments of existential dread and focus on its message about the ebbs and flows of life.

Gohar World


Mother of Pearl Dishes

From the fertile imaginations of Laila and Nadia Gohar, who create surrealistic food sculptures and tablescapes, these mother-of-pearl dishes bring the iridescence of seashells to cocktail hour.

Saint Laurent


Laguna Leather Slides

These take the idea of rubber flip-flops up a few notches. They’re made of leather and have an appealing knot between the toes.

Christophe Robin


Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt

An invigorating shampoo that employs salt crystals to exfoliate the scalp and rid hair of product buildup. It does all that without damaging hair or dulling its color or shine.

Bumble and bumble


Surf Styling Leave In

A styling cream that gives hair a beachy, salty texture without the beachy, salty damage. This is UV-protective and moisturizing, so it also detangles hair and helps prevent frizz.



Dew Bronze Soft-Focus Effortless Liquid Bronzer

An easy, lightweight bronzer that’s a breeze to apply. Just dot it where you want it—on your cheekbones, nose, and forehead—and blend.



Microbiome Cooling Scalp Serum

If you’ve ever had a sunburned scalp, you know how miserable it can be. This cools the head and protects the microbiome to help soothe and heal it quickly.



Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask

The wildly popular mask repairs damage from bleach, color, the blow dryer, and curling irons. Look at you, all soft and bouncy!

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