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Photo: Amelia Karlsen (Mahtani)

My Favorite Things

Though Rosh Mahtani spent her childhood in Zambia, the self-taught artisan behind Alighieri’s handcrafted gold talismans has made her mark in London; in 2020, she became the first jewelry maker to be honored with the Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design. Here, Mahtani shines a light on the pieces that fill her Clerkenwall flat

Emporio Sirenuse


Sun Dinner Plate in White & Blue

“I love hosting dinners in my flat in Clerkenwell, a little tucked away square in London. My favorite part is laying the table. These hand-painted sun plates from Emporio Sireneuse are perfect for big Italian feasts.”



The Mini Link of Wanderlust Gold-Plated Necklace

“Inspired by road trips and the magic of adventure, this necklace is my current go-to modern heirloom.”



Large Soft Cover Cahier Journal

“On the rare occasions of having some time to myself, I love to listen to music at my kitchen table, whilst writing, sketching, and daydreaming of new ideas. I’m never without my Moleskine.”

Caran d’Ache


Pencil-Sharpening Machine

“I’ve recently been taking a lot of pleasure in sketching and writing with a sharp pencil. This pencil sharpener brings me so much joy!”



Espera Tank Top

“I live in old Levi jeans and an array of simple cotton tanks—my easy uniform for life on the go. I particularly love this one from Toteme; it’s a super soft cotton, and I really enjoy the cut.”

Le Creuset


Signature Enamel Dutch Oven

“I’ve been trying to find more time to cook these days. My handed-down Le Creuset pot is always part of the ritual.”

Le Labo

From $99.00

Santal 33 Eau de Parfum

“There’s something about this scent that transports me to summer memories. I love that you can personalize the bottle’s sticker; mine currently pays homage to a particular goal I achieved this year.”



Private Eye Bag with Shoulder Strap in Smooth Black Calfskin

“There’s nothing better than owning a piece created by a friend. Métier’s Melissa Morris is never far from my heart, as I’m always carrying my life around in the Private Eye.”



Now Generation 2 i-Type Instant Camera

“Photography is one of my greatest passions; whilst I usually shoot on a 35mm Pentax, I’ve recently become quite obsessed with creating images on a very simple Polaroid camera.”

Dante Alighieri


The Divine Comedy

“Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy is the text that inspired Alighieri Jewellery. To this day, it’s a source of great inspiration for me. I’ve been collecting old copies for about a decade now.”



Essential Lite Cabin S

“My work often means I’m on the road, shooting and building pop-ups in different cities. The inside of my suitcase has been known to contain an eclectic array of objects, from jewelry to boxes of films, a spirit level, and hammers! My suitcase has seen me through some interesting moments!”

Alighieri x Cremate


Sacred Ash Incense Cones

“I never travel without our new Sacred Ash Incense Cones. Hand-crafted in collaboration with the London-based brand Cremate, they evoke the feeling of old libraries and wine cellars. I love the ritual of lighting the cone at the end of the day.”

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