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Photo: Christian Högstedt (Christiansen)

My Favorite Things

Richard Christiansen, founder of the Chandelier Creative agency, leads teams in New York, Los Angeles, and Paris, where they help brands from Hermès and Cartier to Calvin Klein and Nike realize their messaging goals. A native of Australia, Christiansen—who spends much of his spare time tending to his garden and traveling—channeled his passions into the debut of Flamingo Estate, his hilltop idyll in L.A. and the name of his new home-and-garden brand. It’s here that the conservation-minded entrepreneur lives with his dogs, chickens, goats, and bees. Here are a few items of particular interest to him right now

Flamingo Estate


Fridays from the Garden Cookbook

“This book is a testament to a newfound connection to the natural world at a time we need it most. It’s a monument to the pleasures of the Flamingo Estate garden, the people that keep it buzzing, and the myriad ways Mother Nature takes care of us when we take care of her.”



Vintage Flame-Resistant Apron

“I’m a big fan of anything with upcycled materials. This apron is made from recycled fabrics held together with thick seams, and has a handy center pocket to stash recipes when I am cooking in the kitchen.”

Flamingo Estate


Limited-Edition Indigo Soap Set

“I think a hot bath is the greatest luxury. So we made these soaps from rare Japanese essential oils: hinoki, hiba, Kitayama sugi, and yakusugi, responsibly sourced from UNESCO-protected cedar forests in Japan, from the limbs of previously cut trees. Each comes hand-wrapped in ukiyo-e woodblock prints from the 17th century.”



Mohair-and-Wool Blanket

“I have a confession: I fall asleep in front of the fire at least once a week. We all need a soft emergency blanket for these situations. This one is perfect.”



Corduroy Games Blazer

“I’m not a fashion person—I’d much rather spend my money on a tree than clothes—but I do like a well-made suit. And since green is my favorite color, this olive corduroy suit from the tailors at Drake’s has my name on it.”

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My Favorite Things
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My Favorite Things
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