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Rested Development

Few things are as valuable as a good night’s sleep. So why not invest accordingly? Indulge in these somnolent finds—ranging from refined bedding and R.E.M.-tracking tech to nightwear and slippers worth dreaming about


Photo: Slim Aarons/Getty Images (Ursula Andress—turned 85 on Friday!—and Novella Parigini)

The Consummate Gardener

As we mark the official, long-awaited start of spring, AIR MAIL unearths a crop of favorites for both the fair-weather botanist and the bona-fide green thumb. From sun-friendly apparel to the perfect hammock for the shade, these items will carry you comfortably into the new season


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The Arch Anglophile

Depending on the day, do you channel a bit of Bertie Wooster or a pinch of Patsy Stone? It’s only natural, after all. Consider this a welcome invitation to celebrate your inner Brit—real or imagined—with a selection of favorites from the U.K.


Photo: United Artists/Kobal/Shutterstock (Being There)

The Pottering Perfectionist

For those who love little more than tinkering around the house on weekends, we spotlight our favorite items that you don’t likely already have in your garage, mudroom, or garden shed. Following your Saturday-morning AIR MAIL delivery, you’ll be squared away for a blissful day of domestic activity


Photo: © Summit Releasing/Everett Collection (La La Land)

L.A. Quintessential

Sourced from and inspired by this singular city, these items celebrate Los Angeles’s inimitable style and old-school cool. From bungalow to beach, Silver Lake to Santa Monica, you’ll be ready for your close-up


Photo: Watford/Mirrorpix/Getty Images (Birkin)

The Sustainable Tastemaker

Whether crafted from recycled materials or engineered to last lifetimes, this week’s delivery of sustainable products also manages to be stylish. Herewith, an environmentally sensitive collection that’s more good stock than Woodstock


Photo: © Howell Conant/Bob Adelman Books (Kelly)

Equatorial Dispatch

Whether or not a beach vacation is in the cards this season, these warm-weather finds will place you squarely in a sunny mindset. And with items for the entire family, everyone will be well equipped when the time finally comes for tropical travel


Photo: Arthur Elgort/Condé Nast/Contour/Getty Images (Cunningham)

Sovereign of Style

If indeed “fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life,” as Bill Cunningham once said, then perhaps there has never been a better time to add to our wardrobes. With that in mind, Air Mail offers this mix of standout items—a selection that may skew new, but which is rooted in timeless appeal


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The Stovetop Savant

Cooks of every stripe and the gourmands who love them will delight in these tasteful treasures for the kitchen and dining table. Whether baking, braising, or simply re-plating takeout, this lineup will help you do it with style and aplomb


Photo: Film Stills/Alamy (Whishaw as Q)

The Unassuming Gadgeteer

Technophile or card-carrying Luddite, most of us share the rush—or at least the relief—of discovering items that soften the edges of daily life through design technology. Herewith, Air Mail offers a range of clever finds that are geared toward precisely that


Photo: © Mark Shaw/ (Radziwill)

The Domestic Power Broker

Air Mail editor at large Laura de Gunzburg shops the globe to deliver stylish appointments for the home office, dining room, and beyond. You can be confident that these items will set the stage for an enviable remote-work environment


Photo: Carl Bruin/Mirrorpix/Getty Images (Ekberg)

Roman Holiday

A welcome outlet for built-up wanderlust, this collection from Italy might be the next best thing to touching down at Fiumicino. From handbags to dinnerware, it’s always a good idea to bring home a bit of la dolce vita


Photo: Slim Aarons/Hulton Archive/Getty Images (sunbathers)

The Urbane Adventurer

For better or worse, many of us are gearing up to spend an unusual amount of time en plein air this season. Not to worry. These smart accoutrements will keep you warm and well equipped when you brave the elements—be it at an outdoor restaurant or in your own backyard


Photo: Entertainment Pictures/Alamy (Bale)

The Neat Freak

Just in time for a fresh start at the New Year, these stylish selections will ensure you hit the ground running in a civilized fashion. Rest easy knowing that you’ll soon be organized, fully charged—and under new leadership


Photo: United Archives GmbH/Alamy (Martin)

The Festive Reveler

If little else, this year has sent us all a well-deserved invitation to toast its twilight. While our collective merry-making may be confined to the virtual for now, these party-ready finds are timeless enough to soldier you through Zoom and future IRL events alike


Photo: Herbert Dorfman/Corbis/Getty Images (Temple with Santa)

The Next Generation

The kids are all right—especially when they are adequately indulged. These finds are low on tech and high on style, ensuring that children stay happily occupied during the interminable intervals between Zoom-school lessons


Photo: Paramount/Getty Images (Redford and Sparv)

The Restless Traveler

Lockdown won’t last forever. When the world opens back up, the most discerning globe-trotters will be prepared. No harm in joining them …


Photo: Euro International Films/Getty Images (Vitti)

The Bon Vivants

Holiday ’20 festivities will become intimate, and indoors, with few exceptions. It’s not so bad—remember Rear Window?—especially when the trappings of the table receive a much-needed update


Botti/Gamma-Keystone/Getty Images (Schneider)

The Unrepentant Homebody

If hell is other people, then heaven is a cozy night around the fire, entertained by Chet Baker, a bottle of the good stuff, and some new nonfiction. (And do dress for the occasion)


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